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Hurra! Trello Is Now In German!

Trello ist in Deutsch verfügbar!

Hurra! Willkommen! Trello is now available in German!

It’s official, Trello is now available in German. With over 200,000 current Trello users in Germany, having Trello in German means planning soccer tournaments, vacations, and summer festival parties with even more friends and family. It also means managing projects, collaborating with teams, and getting more work done with co-workers.

Here are some inspiring boards in German to get you started, and to show your friends and colleagues. Whether it is planning a vacation with family, or doing project management at work, see how Trello can be used for both business and leisure.

german_vaction_planningPlan a vacation!


Collaborate at work.

To change the language in Trello, click the user profile button in the top right corner and choose "Change Language..." to select a language.

For more in depth information about Trello in German:

German FAQ page.