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Be The Host With The Most... Ideas For Entertaining Guests from Out-Of-Town

By | Published on | 4 min read
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Nothing brings out the holiday warmth and good vibes more than when family and friends descend upon your home for feasting and celebration. Coordinating activities and entertaining guests from out-of-town, however, can invoke more stress than picking out the perfect New Year’s outfit.

Was it cousin Nancy that loves cross country skiing and Pete who snowboards or vice versa? Rich is still really into craft breweries, right? Or is it micro distillery tours now? Who’s vegan, vegetarian, pesco, or paleo?

Don't worry though, we've got you covered with the Holiday Hero Board so you shine bright in front of your family like the star on top of your Christmas tree.  You'll use this board to put all the information out of town guests can use as a handy reference, as well as activity ideas and schedules.

Fort Collins Guests Board

‘Tis The Season To Get Organized

Once you have the board, start by adding a new list for each logistic category such as sites to see, things to do, activities for kids, where to stay, and places to eat and drink. Add as many lists as you need to highlight all of the great things guests can do to stay busy and out of your way as you’re prepping the house and menu for the annual holiday dinner.

You know your family will have questions so create a list for suggestions and questions, such as what to pack for the weather, and create a space to ask you about things you may not have put on the board. Also, if this is the first time your guests have used Trello then it might be best to create a leftmost list sharing tips on best practices for using the board.

Questions and suggestions list

Decorate Your Board And Lists

With your lists set up, now it’s time to add cards. Create a new card for each activity, place to see, or restaurant suggestion. On each card add helpful information about the place in the card’s description such as the address, hours, why you love the place, or even the best dish to order. Add in any useful links, such as restaurant menu PDFs or Yelp reviews.

Make navigation a breeze by adding a link to the destination from Google Maps. On their mobile device, they will simply have to click the Maps link, go straight to Google Maps, and begin navigation from their current location.


Get Everyone On Board For The Festivities

If you are planning group activities on specific days or want to make sure everyone knows certain events will be taking place, enable the Calendar Power-Up. Now when you add due dates to cards they will also display on the board’s calendar.  This will make it easier for everyone else to quickly see and plan out their activities around what you’ve got scheduled.

Trello calendar view

Make your board interactive by encouraging your guests to leave comments as feedback and reviews on what they have done. Maybe that new cafe isn’t worth the wait and there is a better place around the corner. Have your guests add themselves to cards to get feedback on who is interested in which group activities. Snowmobiling or ice skating? Just ask guests to add themselves on the respective cards so you can reserve the right amount of tickets for each.


Check out the complete holiday hosting sample board here.

Finally, use labels to tag cards by price ranges, or to indicate if tickets need to be purchased in advance, or even to show whether or not a restaurant has good vegan options, and more. This way your guests can quickly sort through your recommendations to surface which places have the best mid-range veggie options with no reservation required.

Trello label names

The best part of this board is that it is everywhere your guests are. By downloading the mobile apps, your guests can access all the information on the go! If your family is out and about, they can view board even if they’re not connected to a wireless network. The mobile app’s offline sync functionality is perfect for guests who are visiting from out of the country and don’t have a data plan or access to wifi while touring the town.

Setting up a board for your guests is an easy way to welcome everyone to town and let them know that you went the extra mile as a host to provide the best time possible for everyone. Pat yourself on the back, and know that this year you are on Santa’s “Nice” list, unless he heard about… oh, nevermind. Safe travels!

Thank you very much to Heather Hall for creating the Fort Collins Trello board that inspired this post.

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