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Inspire Teams Everywhere With Free Trello Gold


Every four years, teams from all over the world come together and inspire us all to go for the gold. Each and every day, teams worldwide use Trello to work together and reach their goals.

That’s why we are celebrating teamwork by giving away free Trello Gold!

Help Your Team Go For The Gold


At Trello, we’re all about teams. We love hearing stories of teams using Trello to collaborate on projects and achieve all kinds of goals. That’s why we want to help yours cross the finish line by cheering you on with some free Trello Gold!

It’s simple to score your free Gold: All you have to do is encourage your teammates with an inspiring tweet and you’ll qualify for a free month.


Are you ready to go for the gold?

Get Free Trello Gold


So you’re just giving away free gold because you want to celebrate teams achieving goals and winning gold?

Yep! And we're giving it away from August 5 to 21, 2016. 

How can I celebrate it too?

Click here to go to our team celebration page, where you can click to tweet an inspiring quote out to the Twitterverse! You’ll get a free month of Trello Gold for the tweet (and the good cheer). Note: You can redeem up to 12 months of free Trello Gold credit.

How does this help my Trello team?

Get everyone on your team in on the fun! Have them tweet something out too, and they can join in on a free month of Trello Gold. Here’s some info on Trello teams if you don’t even know what this question is about.

What if I already had Trello Gold on my account prior to this?

An extra free month is added onto the tail end. 

Umm, what is Trello Gold?

Oh yeah! Ha. In short, Trello Gold swags out your Trello boards. Here’s some more useful info about Trello Gold.