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Introducing Trello’s Power-Ups Platform For Developers

By | Published on | 2 min read
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A few months ago, we launched a brand new version of Trello Business Class with Power-Ups for tools like Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, and more. These Power-Ups pull information and data from outside services directly into Trello, giving teams clear perspective on some of their favorite tools for work.

Today we’re excited to announce the Power-Ups Platform, which enables developers to create Power-Ups of their own. Now, anyone can easily integrate with Trello or create their own custom features, either as public Power-Ups – available to the entire Business Class community – or as custom private Power-Ups for their own Business Class team.

The sky's the limit.

New Power-Ups

To celebrate this Power-Ups party, we’re also launching some awesome new integrations and features built on the platform:


Attach tickets and views to cards and surface important Zendesk information directly in Trello: 



Get consensus and run better research by adding surveys to your Trello boards:



Initiate video calls straight from your Trello boards:



Track time without leaving Trello:


That’s not all! There are also Power-Ups for...

  • Corrello – View burndown charts and cumulative flow diagrams for your boards.
  • Elegantt – Create Gantt charts on your board.
  • FogBugz – Attach cases and view their statuses in real-time.
  • Giphy – Upload fun GIFs to Trello cards with a click of a button.
  • Publicate – Attach publications and view campaign stats.

See More Power-Ups

Calling All Developers

The Power-Ups Platform is now open to developers and teams looking to build their own Power-Ups. Comprehensive documentation, code examples, and more can be found in our developer portal. To create your own custom, private Power-Up, visit your Power-Ups Admin pagePublic Power-Ups must be submitted through our approval process before they can go live.

Look out for more Power-Ups coming soon. In the meantime, sign up for an upcoming webinar to see the new ones in action!

Power-Ups for all! Enable one Power-Up for free on any Trello board. Customize Trello with Business Class and Enterprise features, including an unlimited amount of Power-Ups.

Good or bad, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!


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