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Trello Day On Replay: Catch Up With Free Video Talks From Our Biggest Event Ever

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Once upon a time, in a land far away, hundreds of people gathered at harvest time to meet, greet, and reveal the secrets of their greatest achievements. They shared tales of creativity, cunning, and daring adventures of scaling mountains and giving back to the greater good. They made history.

The time? September 5, 2018.

The place: Barcelona, Spain—at the very first Trello Day.

This inaugural in-person event featured a series of speakers who were specifically chosen to share their outstanding approaches to using Trello. Alongside co-founder Michael Pryor and the Trello team, guests from Google and Typeform all revealed transformative Trello workflows, tips, and advice for how open tools and teamwork elevate how we live and work.


Feeling a little FOMO? Don’t worry, If you didn’t happen to catch a flight to sunny Barcelona ☀️, we have something special for you:

We’ve released the recordings of all of these talks, as well as play-by-play written summaries of each speaker’s top tips so you can catch up right from your couch! Introducing Trello Day Replay:

trello day talks

Watch The Talks

Watch or read the talks at your own pace, and level up your Trello game. You’ll be the hero of your own epic Trello tale in no time!

Talks To Check Out

The talks covered journeys, learnings, and wisdom as wide-ranging as:

  • Must-have Trello tips and tricks for master-level status
  • How Google uses analytics on Trello boards
  • How to run an entirely remote company on Trello
  • Using Trello with nonprofits
  • Harnessing the promotional power of public Trello boards
  • Important Trello boards for growing companies and company culture
  • Why Trello helps with goal setting—and, yes, climbing mountains

Watch The Talks

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Trello Day Replay videos are free to view
🔓Unlock all the @Trello knowledge today! Trello Day talks are now live and free on #TrelloDayReplay

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