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Introducing Trello Gold: Board Backgrounds, Stickers, and More…

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We introduced Business Class for businesses who want additional teamwork power, security features and administrative control for their teams. Today we're announcing the launch of Trello Gold for people who love Trello and want to support their favorite app. You’ll get extra bits of fun and functionality for your support.

Trello Gold is $5 per month or $45 per year. We’ll also give a free month of Trello Gold for every person you get to join Trello, for up to 12 months.

Learn more and sign up at trello.com/gold, or read on to see what’s included!

Board Backgrounds


Board backgrounds give boards personality while making it easier to distinguish between boards. Everyone will be able to change their board background to any of the six standard colors. With Trello Gold, you can choose from nine stunning, hand-picked backgrounds, or upload your own. With custom backgrounds, the image goes edge to edge and the header and lists will go slightly transparent so your background really shines.

Board backgrounds are an oft-requested feature, so we hope you love them. To change your board background, go to “Settings” in the sidebar board menu and select “Change Background…”. That’s where you can upload backgrounds, too.

Larger File Uploads

With Trello Gold, you’ll get larger file uploads, up to 250MB from the standard 10MB. That means animated GIFs that are 25 times as long.



Stickers are a fun, visual way to communicate sentiment and status about things in your project, which is what Trello is about. They are little images that go on the front of cards, almost like reusable card covers. You’ll get a standard set of 12 for free. With Trello Gold you get two additional packs which were hand-drawn at Trello HQ: the Taco pack, featuring our very own spokes-husky, and the Pete the Computer pack, featuring a friendly computer that you are going to love. You can also upload your own.

We’re having a lot of fun with them internally. A card for a server crasher is perfectly accentuated by a data pete and broken pete sticker. A card for the Trello Gold launch is perfectly accentuated with a gold trophy Taco, although yes, that is a somewhat rare situation. And you can upload your own meaning there are endless possibilities.

To start sticking, click “Stickers” in the menu in the board sidebar and drag the stickers onto cards. You can also upload stickers from that pane.

Custom Emoji

Upload Emoji

Trello features over 800 emoji that you can use in comments, checklist items, descriptions, and elsewhere. But maybe we don't have the superhero emoji that you really need. With Trello Gold, you can upload your own emoji. Just click the menu button to the bottom right of the comment box on the back of the card and select “Upload Emoji…”. You can name so it can be used for autocomplete later.

You’ll also get a special crown for your avatar so everybody knows how awesome you are. Sound cool? Go to trello.com/gold to learn more and sign up…



“How do I get people to join Trello so I can get Trello Gold for free?” There are a lot of ways. You can invite them to boards and teams. You can share a special link with your Twitter followers or email it to friends, family, and coworkers. Visit your recommend page at trello.com/recommend to get the link and see all the ways to share. You’ll also see all the people you’ve got to join Trello, which is pretty neat. If you make that number go up, you win.

“What does Trello Gold mean for Business Class?” Nothing. They work independently. Trello Gold is for fans and Business Class is for teams. People with Trello Gold will be able to change the backgrounds and add premium stickers to any board, including one in a Business Class team.

“Can people without Trello Gold see my stickers and backgrounds and custom emoji?” Yes, everyone has the same view of the board. Only people with Trello Gold will be able to add premium and custom stickers and backgrounds, though.

“What about the mobile apps?” Trello Gold features like board backgrounds and stickers are not currently in the mobile apps, but they are coming soon.

“How do I sign up again?” Visit trello.com/gold.

“How do I get updates in the future?” Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

“Is this the end of the blog post?” Yes.

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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