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Bring Designs To Life With The InVision Power-Up

By | Published on | 1 min read
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InVision Integration With Trello

Designers, developers, and product managers unite and bring prototypes to life with the InVision Power-Up for Trello! tiny_twitter_bird.pngTweet this

Now, the journey from product spec to product launch is nothing but smooth sailing and seamless collaboration with InVision prototypes living right in Trello.

How To Use InVision Power-Up For Trello

The InVision Power-Up allows designers to attach prototypes directly to Trello cards so that product managers can easily access up-to-date prototypes, quickly leave comments, and see when a prototype was last modified. Developers can reference designs without leaving Trello thanks to automatically attached images of prototype specs. They can also jump right into Inspect mode in InVision to get CSS snippets, download, assets, and more.

Say goodbye to head scratching searches and digging through tabs trying to find a prototype, and set your cards on cruise control to completion with the InVision Power-Up.


How To Start Using The InVision Power-Up

  1. In the board menu, click “Power-Ups”
  2. Find InVision and click the “Enable” button
  3. Open a Trello card and click the shiny new InVision button
  4. Authorize your account
  5. Grab a prototype’s share link in InVision
  6. Paste the link into the InVision Power-Up
  7. Admire your prototype

Built by: InVision

Pricing: Free w/ InVision Account

Recommended for: Product Designers, CSS Stylists, Turtleneck Enthusiasts

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