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A Big Update For The iOS App

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Trello for iOS 2.4 is out now, and it's like holding a piece of the future in your hands. Move cards between boards, change your boards' backgrounds, access your favorite boards faster than ever – there are even some improvements that don't use the word board at all.

Move Cards

Move Card

Let's start with the new interboard teleportation feature. Yesterday, moving a card from "2013 New Years Resolutions" to your "2014 Second Chances" board was an impossible dream. Today, it is a possible reality. You heard me right: 2.4 makes dreams come true.

Drag To Archive

Drag to Archive

Finally. Gone are the days of tap-tap-tapping just to get a single card out of your way. You're gonna be archiving cards you aren't even finished with – it's that easy.

Edit Board Backgrounds

Custom Backgrounds

Yeah, you have Trello Gold. You can take that sunset picture your friend said was "alright" and see it every time you open your favorite board. Or, if you're still living in the ungilded dark ages, you can at least color code your boards.

Recent Boards

iPad users have been rolling in recent boards since day one, but they were hidden away in the Boards menu. Now they're front and center, and iPhone users get to rock them too.

And More

There's more than just features to look forward to. 2.4 is the Swahili word for "bug fixes," and we didn't choose the name lightly. Push notifications will hardly crash at all now. Cards no longer turn orange and fall off the screen every time you shake your phone. And remember how it was super confusing to add a new list in the iPhone app? Now it's not. Progress.

You really have to experience it firsthand to appreciate what an improvement it is. And you can: 2.4 is live on the app store right now. Go get it!

Available on the App Store

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