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Is Business Class Right For You?

By | Published on | 4 min read
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Businesses of all shapes and sizes use Trello Business Class to organize, plan, and get things done. But what does it offer in addition to the free version of Trello?

As it turns out, a lot. Business Class features help admins of teams like Kickstarter, Paypal, and Adobe keep their teams productive with unlimited boards and give them control over board permissions to ensure their company information stays private. But that’s not all.

How might Business Class be useful for you? Here’s a rundown of some features and how they might fit into your workflow:

admin_iconGet Super Admin Powers

What: This feature is sometimes jokingly referred to as the “reduce human error” feature. As an admin, you are given advanced controls by limiting who can be added to your team's Trello boards.

This ensures that only the people you want to have access to information will see anything. You can also set restrictions around who can change a board’s visibility so someone doesn’t accidentally make a super private board public.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 3.41.38 PM

Control who can be invited to your Business Class Team, and whether they are able to make boards public. 

When: Jim from accounting accidentally adds his realtor John instead of his boss, also named John, to a board. Nancy accidentally makes the private “Company Goals” board public for the world to see. Oof. You get the picture.

observer_iconAdd Observers to Trello Boards

What: Let’s say you want certain people on a Trello board to have limited functions. Observers have “view only” privileges, and need to be given permission to vote and comment on cards. They can’t move cards on a board, but can still participate and see what’s going on. Learn more.


When: Many agencies or freelancers use this feature to get feedback from clients without having them disrupt an existing workflow, or make significant changes to a board. Some clients are more, well, talkative than others, thus they run the risk of reducing productivity and slowing the project down. The observer feature helps create a smoother workflow by adding contractors and freelancers to cards relevant to them.

Need even more security and flexibility? 

Gain full control and security without compromising productivity with Trello Enterprise.

Upgrade To Enterprise

deactivateDeactivate Team Members

What: Rather than manually removing someone from every board they were on and losing track of which cards they were assigned to, you can easily deactivate team members from all of your team's boards in one click. When you do this, their avatar remains on any  cards they were assigned to so you can still see what they were working on, however, they are faded out so you know they can no longer access your company boards.


When: Hiring temps or interns this summer? This feature is perfect for temporary employees or consultants whose work is important, but will be completed after the duration of their time at your company.

Another use case: let’s say Jim has decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional underwater basket weaver and is leaving the company. By deactivating him, you’ll still be able to see past work without allowing for future commenting or insight into your team.

view_activitySee Members’ Activity

What: For every individual member in your team, you’ll have the ability to see which boards a member is on, their assigned cards, and even when they were last active on boards within the team.


When: Thinking about assigning Nancy another project but not sure if she has the capacity to take it on? This feature lets managers get insight into team members’ workloads, and gives them the perspective to make sure their team is operating efficiently without getting bogged down with too many tasks. Looks like Nancy might have a nervous breakdown if you assign her one more card- good thing you checked!

What: Saved searches are a popular Business Class feature that allow you to capture important information without having to scratch your head every time you have a question. Use search operators to pull important information to help you make decisions. Learn more.


When: Let’s say you want to check weekly to see what tasks are due but haven't been assigned to anyone, and therefore have no chance of getting done. Save the search "due:week, -has:members" and you'll be able to pull it up any time. Now you'll know why Jim never completed that project this week - it was never assigned to him!

export_iconBig Attachments, And Major Fun

What: Business Class includes all the useful and fun features of Trello Gold, including large attachments size (up to 250 mb), custom board backgrounds (for when that board just needs a cat on it), and custom stickers and emoji.

When: Larger file uploads are crucial for sharing audio, video, or large image files for creatives. This makes sure everything can stay in one place: you guessed it, your Trello board. Custom board backgrounds and stickers let your team get creative and make work just a little bit more delightful every day. Nancy’s board can have that cat graphic that makes her smile every time, and Jim can focus on what matters most: his Game of Thrones themed background.

These are just a handful in a cornucopia of features included in Business Class. If Trello is already saving your team loads of time and helping you get more productive, then get more control and security by upgrading your team to business class. Seriously— Nancy, Jim, and John will be thanking you.

Upgrade to Business Class for a nominally low annual price.
Seriously, just do it.

Upgrade to Business Class


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