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It's Trelloween! Contests, Treats, and More

Halloween is no longer one day or one weekend of celebration. It has become more of a month long mindset. As soon as there is a hint of chill in the morning air, everyone begins to question whether they can dress up as any seemingly innocuous event that happens to them. So much so that I’ve got $20 in my office pool on Pumpkin Spice Lattes as this year’s most popular costume (but in all fairness, it was a quiet year for Miley Cyrus).

The key to really crushing Halloween is planning ahead. Great Halloween costumes, like Rome, weren’t built in a day. Between finding the right wig to ordering custom contact lenses with enough time for delivery, it’s important to remember these things take time.

Luckily for you, here at Trello we already got the Halloween ball rolling. Our excitement for all things Halloween is palpable, as demonstrated by our office decor:


But our Halloween spirit extends well beyond the halls of our office. That’s why we are excited to announce our Trelloween Costume Contest! We set up a public Trello board complete with our own costumes, pets’ costumes, and even a few kids dressed as gnomes (you’re welcome).


All we need is you! Tweet us pictures of your Halloween costumes, past and present, and include #Trelloween to add to our board and we’ll give you one month of free Trello Gold. You can also share pictures on Facebook by uploading your photo and tagging Trello.

Did you know that Trello has a Power Up to enable voting? Well now is your chance to see it in action! Vote for your favorite costume right on our Trelloween board: the submissions with the most votes will receive an entire year of Trello Gold.

To vote for your favorite costume simply open the card and click the “Vote” button on the right side under Actions. You can also use the vote shortcut: mouse over a card to highlight it and press “v”. Read more on voting here.


Last but certainly not least, we’ve made some extra spooky custom stickers you can download straight from the Trelloween board to swag out in seasonal fashion.

So don’t let Halloween sneak up on you, or you’ll be stuck with an old costume (and Breaking Bad is so last year). Happy Trelloween!

Note on receiving your Trello Gold: Be sure to follow us on Twitter in order for us to contact you. Also, since we don’t use robots (nor are we dressing up as them) please allow 24-48 hours for us to send you Gold. Thanks!