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15 Ways To Master The Trello App For Slack [Infographic]

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Technology is always evolving, bringing new ways to make us work faster and smarter. Or is it just making us work harder to keep up? Depending on where you normally fit into the technology adoption lifecycle, your attitude towards learning new digital skills can range from “LET’S DO THIS!” to “@#%$!...!”

Now that apps are combining forces and creating new ways to work better together, even the ones we thought we had mastered have surprises up their sleeve. Take the Trello app for Slack: There are no less than 15 new ways that you can access the best of Trello while still in Slack. And the only way to take advantage of this productivity power move is to get comfortable with the new, integrated way of using your favorite apps.

Here’s the good news about the app integration trend: According to a researcher at Stanford, the brain has a much easier time learning new skills when they are related to familiar activity patterns, rather than if they were entirely foreign concepts. So, you’ll make the most of your time learning new tech if you continue to master new features inside the apps you’re already using. Think of it as hacking old habits for a new and improved process.

Learning New Uses for Old Habits

All of this is to say that the Trello app for Slack features are just an extension of the collaboration tools you’re already using - and all you need to do is get comfortable with a few new habits:

  • Start by getting the app
  • Invite @trello to your Slack channels
  • Prioritize learning the functions will make the biggest impact for your team.

Top new functions for your team to learn could be:

  • Linking team boards to their associated Slack channels - think Email Marketing to the #email-marketing channel - so they are available for easy reference while chatting.
  • Adding cards to incoming lists in cross-department channels, so that next IT request from Support can get into the queue without getting lost in a rapid string of frenzied chat.
  • Capturing conversations on cards in the heat of the moment so that next greatest feature request doesn’t become a distant memory.

Oh, the possibilities!  

With 15 new ways to be more productive and efficient, Slack and Trello simply work better together. Keep this infographic handy for that next time you’re tempted to waste time context switching to stay organized. As they say, Slack it to hack it! (People say that… right?)

15 Ways To Master Using Trello In Slack



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