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How Mike’s Bikes Uses Trello And Jotform In Tandem To Get More People Cycling

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Mikes Bikes Trello Template

Mike’s Bikes. A business name so simple, straightforward, and unquestionably catchy that even the most amateur bike riders feel right at home. 

Though they have 12 locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, each one remains a local favorite (say "we like Mike’s Bikes" three times fast). Their welcoming employees, the seamless purchasing process, and niche in the market make Mike’s Bikes a go-to choice for any rider’s needs.

Mike’s Bikes has a unique space in the market. The company isn’t your average outdoorsy, adrenaline junkie shop. They focus on one thing, and one thing only—to get as many people on bikes as possible 🚲

That mission is fueled by technology. The team at Mike’s Bikes uses Trello and Jotform to gather customer information and feedback, as well as to track their sales pipeline across every store location.

Here’s how they’re using these two tools together to give as many people  access to bikes as possible across California, and the world. 

Keeping Pace With Trello and Jotform 

Pump the brakes 🤚 How does such a busy bike shop stay organized?

With so many moving parts (figuratively and literally), it’s no small feat. Mike’s Bikes’ secret to calming the chaos stems from a seamless team effort—a tandem partnership if you will.  

biking in tandem

The Mike’s Bikes team created a direct integration with Jotform, a handy software that allows businesses to customize forms, electronically gather customer information and store it for later use. Jotform serves as the perfect solution for Mike’s Bikes’ need to store customer details and consent gathered from their feedback, test ride, and liability forms. 

The magic that happens when Trello and Jotform join forces, however, is what helps make Mike’s Bikes such a successful operation. 

Every new customer that enters a Mike’s Bikes shop enters their information through Jotform on a device located at a kiosk. As they press submit, two things happen:

  1. The customer is ready to take their bike out for a test ride.
  2. An auto-populated card is instantly created on that shop’s Trello board, one for each customer. 

This process makes it quick to get the customer experiencing the product, and simple to keep track of customer information and move them through certain marketing efforts and their retail sales pipeline.

Pretty genius, huh? 

HubSpot Video

Using Trello As A CRM To Manage A Sales Pipeline

With such a specific retail focus, Mike’s Bikes needed a super customizable and user-friendly tool that even their least tech-savvy staff members could use with ease. They use Trello as their CRM in order to manage their customer pipeline. 

“Through Trello we integrate with Jotform, and all the information from our forms populate onto our Trello board, which we use for CRM. We use Trello because the bicycle sale cycle is so much different than any other, it really is task-driven. It has made everybody’s life way easier.”
— Tom Casson, Director of Retail 

Employees who work in the shop can easily see what’s happening in each location, and hone in on the details of their specific shop location to view due dates, follow up with customers, and track the sales cycle from start to finish. 

Mike's Bikes Retail Sales Pipeline

Create Board From Template

By keeping track of new inquiries in the first list, employees are able to move each potential new lead through the sales process. They’re able to keep an eye on the progress of each lead through the flow overall, then click into the customer card to view valuable details such as their budget, specific interests, key conversations, and follow-up dates. 

“We chose Trello because our sales cycle is a lot different than selling software, and we wanted to be able to democratize the process across our sales and operations teams. It's also awesome that everybody at Mike's Bikes HQ can see what is going on in each retail location.”
— Tom Casson, Director of Retail 

With less scrambling to locate information or the anxiety of missing an important detail, everyone on the Mike’s Bikes team is able to easily cruise through the sales process.

Race To The Top With These Templates For Every Occasion

Trello’s easy and powerful customizations made it the perfect choice for Mike’s Bikes so they could propel their business forward at blazing speed. You can get your copy of their smooth-riding Retail Sales Pipeline workflow, too! 

Put your lead tracking and conversion in the fast lane by viewing and copying their template to customize it: 

Create Board From Template

Before you ride off into the sunset — there’s more! You don’t need to code your own integration between Jotform and Trello. You can add the Jotform Power-Up to your Retail Sales Pipeline workflow to enable these mighty features. Learn more about the Jotform Power-Up here

And for additional inspiration on how you can grab organization by the handlebars, check out these other user-inspired templates.

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