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See Your Team Have More Productive Meetings With join.me And Trello

By | Published on | 3 min read
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join.me Power-Up for Trello tutorial

Having many meetings throughout the day can be a real productivity killer. And that’s coming from someone who works on an online meeting tool! But it’s true—on a workday full of back-to-back meetings, you can quickly get behind on your work, risking project deadlines or missing administrative tasks.

In today’s world of distributed teams and fast-paced workweeks, you really need to make sure the time spent in your meetings is useful, or you risk losing traction on your projects.

So with that in mind, we’re excited to show you the ins and outs of the join.me Power-Up for Trello, which enables you to start a meeting right from a Trello board! We’ve made it easier than ever to use join.me for a video conference, screen share, or phone call any time you need to, without interrupting your workflow.

How To Enable The join.me Power-Up

With the click of a button on the upper right hand corner of your Trello board, you can instantly launch join.me. It’s really that easy, we promise! Check it out:


4 Team Ideas For More Productive “Board” Meetings

With the Power-Up enabled, you can throw your typical drawn-out, long-as-heck meeting fears out the window, and embrace a more productive meeting style. Here are a few examples of how our global teams use the join.me Power-Up to have better meetings and boost our productivity across the board:

  • Keeping Our Marketing Team Moving: In a fast-paced SaaS company like ours, the join.me Product Marketing team always has numerous projects, campaigns, and launches to keep track of. So my boss, my colleague and I can use Trello to keep all our activity organized. Every Monday morning (after a few cups of coffee, of course) we review each Trello board and cards, giving updates on progress as we go. Whether one of us is working from home or even if we are sitting across from each other, we fire up a join.me to review the cards via screenshare. It’s a great way to stay on the same page (or screen) and communicate about alllll of the things.

  • Designing Our Products: Our Product Design team plans all of their work in two-week sprints, using Trello to track each project's ownership—who is the primary designer, who is on the review team, and who is the product manager. They also attach kickoffs, design comps and final designs to each Trello card. Every other Monday, the global team gets together to share progress, using the join.me Power-Up so everyone on the team can follow along no matter where they are.

  • Recruiting Top Talent: It’s not an understatement to say our recruiting team is running a mile a minute to hire the most innovative, forward-thinking candidates to join our team. Tracking candidate status is easy with ATS tools, but what about all the other stuff? Internal reporting, team meetings, and administrative tasks find their home in Trello to help managers with their day-to-day recruiting team tasks. And with one of our top recruiters often working remotely, join.me helps keep him on the same page as his team, even when there’s no formal meeting on the books.  

  • Putting Our Customers First: Our customers are our top priority, so it’s really important that our customer care teams are always up-to-date on our product features and changes. Team Leads spread out across all our global offices use Trello to manage training content materials and team attendance. They use checklists to make sure all new customer care reps have been included, and the join.me Power-Up to review content together if needed, before they lead their individual training sessions.

From Marketing to HR to Product, our teams are more productive across the board—the Trello board—using Trello and join.me together. Here’s how to give it a try for your team:

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Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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