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Moving On Up: How TheLadders Keeps Climbing with Trello

By | Published on | 3 min read
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Just like their users on the job seeking platform TheLadders, the company itself has taken the next steps in its professional journey.

In 2011 TheLadders evolved from only showcasing $100K+ salary listings to catering to users in all stages of their professional careers. Now, they are augmenting their platform to include more resources for career management, networking, and even tips for entrepreneurs.

One of the unique challenges of TheLadders is how to leverage technology and its 10+ years of data to better empower its users. It’s a question at the core of their business goals, and they’re using Trello to find the answer.


According to data TheLadders has collected, the average person looks for a new job approximately every three and a half years, and it takes a candidate an average of six months to find one.

Over the course of a decade they have collected a wealth of useful data like this that they feel is valuable to all professionals, whether they are seeking a new position, want to advance their skills, or just want to hit the next level in their current organization. The company’s new strategy and tactical execution of it are organized through Trello.


“Trello is the way we communicate back and forth,” Amanda Augustine, Career Management Expert and Brand Ambassador explains, “because if it’s in email, it’s going to get lost.”

Amanda uses Trello with her team to manage their entire content pipeline, from writing articles to managing guest posts. She sees Trello as the only system that makes clear who has touched each piece, who is going to be editing, and what the next step is. Her team relies on the ability to mention other members and discuss via comments on the back of a card.

In an agile environment like TheLadders, plans are often changing form, and quickly. Marketing Manager Paige Tintle says it’s not uncommon for her to be in a 9 a.m. meeting on a particular focus, and by 3 p.m. the objective will have completely evolved based on moving parts like the resources, complexity, and scope of projects.

She says, “Trello really allows us to stay on the same page without having a lot of email communications, meetings, or overall back and forth.” From ideation, to deployment, to every step in between, Trello is the tool that keeps everyone progressing forward towards the same goal.


Product Manager Eddie Yoo thrives in the agile environment that is cultivated at TheLadders, as he believes it’s the most effective way to give everyone a voice to provide input and feedback on the features being worked on.

One of his favorite Trello features used on the product team makes his work a bit more, well, colorful. “I really like the ability to create colored labels for the work as well as custom stickers,” which might seem obscure, but actually makes a lot of sense.

He explains that the product team “uses those to visually call out the importance of a particular feature to give it urgency or priority.” In agile, defining what is in the current sprint and what needs to be placed in the backlog is crucial to keeping productivity efficient.

The job market is evolving, and TheLadders is a seasoned, flexible company prepared to adapt. As technology moves to the forefront of the process, professionals’ needs are changing, and TheLadders is using Trello to provide creative solutions for this market.


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