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Trigger More Workflows In Trello With Zapier's New Multi-Step Zaps

By | Published on | 3 min read
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We recently covered how you can use Zapier to streamline your Trello workflow. When you combine Trello with Zapier, you can connect your cards to more than 500 complementary applications like Slack and Twitter, then set up event-based automations called "Zaps."

With Zapier, activity in one app triggers an action in another—for example, you could have Zapier automatically create a Trello card when someone fills out your Typeform. Survey says: it’s a productivity winner! (wince)

Introducing Multi-Step Zaps!

Today, Zapier gets even more useful with the introduction of Multi-Step Zaps.

Here's the gist: You're no longer limited to a single action. Now, you can kick off workflows with as many steps as you want. Three, five, or fifteen actions—if you dream up the process, you can build it.

So next time someone fills out your Typeform, Zapier could automatically use the submission to create a card in Trello, make note of the card's URL in Evernote, send it to your sales team via email and alert you with a Slack direct message.

Search Superpowers

Trello users now get access to a whole new array of superpowers in Zapier: Search Actions. Rather than setting up a static integration, you can now configure automations that use data from earlier steps to find or create a board, card or list on the fly.


Meet More Powerful Trello Automation

Using Trello with Zapier's new Multi-Step Zaps can aid a variety of workflows, whether it's around marketing, operations, development, project management or sales.

You can visit Zapier to explore hundreds of existing Trello integrations, or dive right in to building your own automated Multi-Step Trello workflows like this one:

Zapier's new Multi-Step Zaps support workflow automation across hundreds of popular apps you already use with Trello, including these examples:  


When you’re creating your next MailChimp campaign you can set up a Multi-Step Zap that automatically creates a card for this campaign on your email marketing Trello board. This Trello card creation subsequently creates an automated message in your Email Marketing Slack channel that notifies everyone on your team in real time.


Never forget to pay an invoice again. To make sure you keep track of received FreshBooks invoices from other FreshBooks users, set up a Multi-Step Zap that creates a card with its info on an “Incoming” list on a Trello board. Once the card moves along to a “Paid” list in Trello, the same Multi-Step Zap creates a line in your Google Spreadsheet with the payment information and timestamp. Your accountant will thank us later.


Registration for your event will be a breeze. Multi-Step Zap the Eventbrite registrants to Pipedrive where their email address is captured in your sales pipeline. From there, Multi-Step Zap them to a Trello board that you are using to manage the seating chart. Now you can focus on the most important part of your event: the open bar.

Multi-Step Zaps means automation just got a lot more comprehensive. If multiple automatic triggers are happening simultaneously between your various apps, that means you are freed up to spend more time working on the substantive portion of your work. Let the robots handle the rest.   

Start building Multi-Step Zaps today!

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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