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New From Trello: Put Info From Pinterest, Amazon, Airbnb and More Directly On Your Boards

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Apartment hunters, movie maniacs, Pinterest perusers, and cooking curators rejoice! Trello has a new feature that makes it easier to scour the internet and capture relevant links on a Trello board.

Introducing two new drag and drop capabilities in Trello that quickly create cards. They’re simple, yet highly effective ways to create and curate links from all over the internet.

Drag URLs To Make Cards


Simply drag a URL over to a Trello board and a card is instantly created with the relevant data including the original link, a description, and even a picture.

Now activities like maintaining a recipe collection or doing a housing search can be faster and more organized. Because everyone in the history of the internet has uttered the phrase, “Where in tarnation did I put that link?”



In addition to just dragging the URL, you can also create customized bookmarks that send links directly to a specific list on a Trello board.

Go to trello.com/add-card, and either drag that link to your bookmarks tab as is, or create custom bookmarks that direct to specific lists.

This is especially relevant if you want to use drag capabilities for a service that requires sign in. For example, if you’re in support and you link to a bug report board in Helpscout, a pre-made Bookmarklet will allow you to send the report directly to a Trello card.

BONUS: Drag Files From Your Computer!


This is a great way to share mockups and graphics with the rest of your team.

Here are some ideas for how you can use this feature:

  • Scour Amazon to create holiday shopping lists, or make birthday wish lists to keep track of gift ideas (see above video example).
  • Turn your Pinterest board of fanciful finds into an actionable flow of Ideas, Ordered, and Shipped items.
  • Babies need lots of stuff, right? Drag and drop links for all things baby, and invite your family and friends to contribute their knowledge by dragging in their favorite products.
  • For office requests, members of the team can drag and drop links onto a board for the office manager to quickly reference when making orders.
  • If you are creating a workout plan, drag and drop links to different routines.
  • Planning a vacation? Drag links from Airbnb to your board.
  • For movie buffs with accounts at Netflix, Amazon Prime, AND Hulu, dragging shows and movies from all the services into one place can make it easier to “manage” your busy schedule of binge watching.


We want to hear about how you plan to use drag and bookmarklets. Tell us on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below. 

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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