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There’s got to be a better way: Your guide to process improvement

It’s been two years since remote work took over corporate America, and what did we learn? A lot of us can do our jobs from home at least a few days per week.

Trello and Confluence: The perfect teamwork combo

Work shouldn’t slow down because you need to jump from one tool to another. Constantly breaking your focus leads to context switching, lost productivity, and tons of distractions.

Build your own second brain with the Zettelkasten method

All day, every day you’re presented with information, ideas, and nuggets of inspiration.

Introducing Trello Dark Mode

It's finally here! Trello is officially equipped with a dark mode theme so your productivity can now be, ehm, illuminated, in any brightness setting of your choosing.

Too many meetings? Expert advice on the right meeting cadence for every kind of meeting

Ever feel like meetings are killing your productivity? According to research from Atlassian, nearly half of workers say they’re overwhelmed by the number of meetings they’re expected to attend.

How To Use Trello And Confluence Together For Optimized Project Management

Cheese is delicious. Tomato sauce is delicious. Bread is delicious. They’re all so delicious, in fact, they work perfectly well as foods on their own. Yet one day, some brilliant person came along and...