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The art of sparring and how to use it for team feedback

Feedback and revision are crucial for producing high-quality work, , but the process of collecting it can be fraught with frustration. Relentless revisions. Endless ideas. Conflicting opinions.

The definitive guide to remote meetings that don't suck

Mark Cruth, Atlassian’s Modern Work Designer, shares his personal “rules” for keeping virtual meetings engaging and productive with Trello Enterprise.

How to build a better brainstorming sesh: Try brainwriting

Brainstorming is best! Except when it isn't. Use brainwriting to help your team bring their best ideas to the table.

How to get tech & biz teams on the same page: Use Trello and Jira together

Here's the secret to getting teams on the same page even if they’re not on the same software.

14 meeting agenda templates to make your meetings productive (and maybe even fun)

Just say no to meetings that don't accomplish anything and make you question your life choices. Use these agenda templates to align your team without wasting anyone's time.

Stop forgetting about one-on-ones and start creating meetings worth having

Transform one-on-one meetings from afterthoughts into relationship-building, productivity inducing, inspiration-fests! Or, at least make them a helluva lot better.