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How To Find Popular Trello Templates—Including Remote Work

By | Published on | 4 min read
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popular Trello template categories as tiles: personal, engineering, marketing, support, remote work, and more

Teams and individuals all around the world are using Trello in amazing ways to plan, work, and inspire, together. That’s why back in October of 2019, we launched a brand new Trello community template gallery to showcase these amazing sample workflows. 

What’s a Trello template? It serves as a master copy for creating boards based on the same structure. It’s ideal for replicating a process or workflow. You literally click a button, add in a few more easy steps, and presto! All the bells and whistles from that Trello template are ready for you to use. 

We created template categories in our gallery based on what our users requested most and today we’re so excited to add a new section to the gallery—the Remote Work templates section! 

According to Owl Labs, 52% of people work remotely at least once a week, and given the current circumstances, we know that this number has grown significantly. That’s why we’re here to share some of the best remote content and templates on the internet with all of you, for free. 

Simply pop over to the gallery, copy whichever templates you’d like to try out, and customize them to your needs.

A Quick Refresher On How To Use Trello Templates & The Gallery

Before you copy those powerful remote work boards for you and your team. Here is a refresher on how to create your own templates in Trello and how to navigate the gallery:

NEW: Now you can also see which templates in the gallery are getting the most views and copies. This helps in two ways: 

  • It tells template creators that visitors are getting value from their workflows.
  • It leads gallery visitors to the most popular templates available.

Check out templates views and copies either from the template “creator page”, like in this Email Workflow template page from Litmus: 

Trello Email Workflow Template Story Page

or directly on a given template, like you can see on the menu (right) of the Email Workflow template here:

Trello Email Workflow Template Board

Ready to create your own Trello template to showcase your workflow? 

If you create and share your own public Trello template, or any template in our template gallery, you can earn a month of free Trello Gold for every new user who signs up—up to 12 months!

Yes, you read that right. You’ll be rewarded for creating and sharing your own public Trello template (or one of ours!).

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Use your unique referral link to share, which will automatically be generated when you're logged in. 
  2. Click on the "share" buttons from within the template gallery, or on the template boards themselves. 
  3. When a new user joins from that link, a month of Gold will be added to your account.

Kanban Template Share Link

Feast Your Eyes On Our Favorite Remote Work Templates

Here are some of our favorite templates in the Remote Work section of the Trello community template gallery: 

For Planning Out The Week Ahead (From Home)

 Use this template to get your week started off on the right foot. Start with a general “to-do this week” list and then break down your goals into each day of the week. Embrace the goodness that is moving cards into the “Completed” column and use labels to keep it all organized. BONUS: add a 🎉 emoji to any of your lists, when you drag a card over to it, watch the magic happen!


Copy Work From Home Daily Planner Template ➡

For Brainstorming Together (From Afar)

It’s common to get into creative ruts, use this template with your distributed team to get into a brainstorming mindset. Identify problems, gather ideas, and discuss as a group over Zoom or your preferred video platform, in order to determine the next steps together.

Distributed Team Brainstorming Template

Copy Distributed Team Brainstorming Template ➡

For Knowing What’s Up With The Team 

This is a template we recommend to remote and co-located teams, a central repository for information about the team’s projects and whereabouts. Gather things like vacation and working hours all on one board so everybody has a good idea of team availability.

Remote Team Hub Template

Copy Remote Team Hub Template ➡

Plan Your Video Team Meetings Together 

Gather the agenda in advance, keep a record of past meetings, and make sure nothing slips through the cracks! Again, this is a template that teams physically located in the same office will find valuable as well. For remote teams, building the meeting agenda together is especially important in order to to make sure everybody is on the same page before, during, and after team meetings. This template is great for accountability and follow-up items.

Remote Team Meetings Template

Copy Remote Team Meetings Template ➡

The Trello community template gallery is here to serve you and your team’s needs. If you are looking for a particular topic or style of template, let us know! Feel free to tweet at @trello and use the hashtag #TrelloTemplates, or submit your own template at trello.com/templates

We are constantly inspired by all of the creative ways the Trello community is collaborating and cannot wait to expand our Templates Gallery! Thank you for continuing to help us solve problems and work better together.

Good or bad, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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