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From Ideas To Action: How To Turn Post-it Notes Into Trello Cards

How to turn Post-It Notes into Trello cards

In our latest edition of things that are simply better together (like peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie, or the Spice Girls), we are excited to announce the perfect pairing of analog and digital tools with the new Trello integration for the Post-it® App.

Developed by 3M, the Post-it® App means you no longer have to choose between Trello and your beloved pen and Post-it® Notes. You can easily move from ideas on paper to cards on Trello boards in a couple of clicks. It’s the best of both worlds!

turn post-it notes into trello cards

During brainstorm sessions and meetings, many great ideas start out as thoughts written on Post-it® Notes. The Post-it® App allows anyone to digitally capture their notes, which can then be sent directly to their Trello boards.

When meetings end, you and your team can keep the momentum moving forward in Trello by transforming your physical notes and ideas into actionable tasks and projects.

How To Use Trello With The Post-it® App

Whether you want to capture your latest idea, doodle, or that note your boss stuck onto your computer screen, here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the Post-it® App
  2. Take a picture of your Post-It® Notes
  3. Tap the “Export to Trello” button


A brand new Trello board will be created with all of your digitized Post-It® Notes as Trello cards. Using Trello on desktop and on your phone, you can add members, due dates, or checklists to those cards, and move them across the board as you progress from an idea to a finished project.

Whether your team uses Post-It® Notes for brainstorming, action items, retrospectives, and more, the infinite flexibility of Post-It® Notes and Trello means your team will never need to slow down when crossing the analog and digital divide.

The Trello integration for the Post-it® App is your new bridge to productivity.

Download for iOS Download for Android

Go from physical to digital. 📝💻 Transform your Post-it Notes into Trello cards—In one quick step. @Postit #Postitapp

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