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The Blueprint For Building Productive Teams [Free Guide]

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Trello Team Productivity Free Guide

At Trello, we don’t take successful team collaboration for granted. With 1 in 3 of our team members working remotely from locations all over the world, exceptional teamwork has to be the core of our company work culture.

Over the years, we’ve curated hard-won lessons from our day-to-day experiences working in distributed teams. We’ve also learned a thing or two from productivity experts we’ve gotten to know.

We focus our efforts to create a collaborative working environment on three major areas of team structure: Communication, Direction, and Evolution. In other words, we care a lot about how our teams talk to each other, set goals and organize team efforts, and are constantly working to improve our team dynamics over time.  

A little planning can go a long way in making productive team collaboration sustainable. At Trello, we set out frameworks to help our teams work better together—frameworks other teams might find useful too.

How To Build Out Productive Teamwork

Enter, the productive team blueprint: A tried-and-tested plan for sustainable, successful team collaboration inspired by the teams we work with every day at Trello. In this free guide, we cover all the ways we build out great teamwork, regardless of department or location:

Ebook For Team Productivity
  • Communication: How to set up team expression basics that give everyone an equal voice. We also provide chat app and video tool etiquette tips for getting the most out of distributed communication. Plus, how to kick boring meetings to the curb.
  • Direction: Ways to set goals that fuel team collaboration, how to use OKRs as a co-created team to-do list, and the reason a team mission statement isn’t lame.
  • Evolution: How to regularly reevaluate your teamwork, reap the rewards of retrospectives, and make changes that the whole team can get behind.

Feeling the group hug yet? Download your copy now to get ideas, resources, and tools for building a solid foundation for your team’s future success:

Grab A Copy Here

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