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Reply Via Email

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.23.28 PM

It’s really easy to keep everything organized in the Trello, but sometimes, instead of opening up the app, you just want to send a quick email reply to a notification in your inbox. With our redesigned notification emails, you can now do just that.

Email notifications now include links below each item with an option to reply to the notification. Click the link to start a reply email, write what you have to say into the body, click send, and watch as your email appears as a new comment on the card! If you need a cat gif to make your point, as most people do, just attach it to the email and Trello will upload it as an attachment on the card. Want to get notifications immediately so you can reply immediately? You can update your preferences to make sure you get email notifications the minute something happens on Trello.

That’s not all! Now whenever you send an email to a board, any replies to that email will now get added as comments to your card. You’ll see the whole conversation in Trello without having to switch back to email.

Email is a messy but necessary fact of life. We’re doing our best to seamlessly sync it back to Trello. We hope you like the improvements!