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A Roundup Of New Third Party Apps For Trello

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Did you know you can now use Trello on a whiteboard, a desktop, or see your cards in a Chrome extension? Here’s a quick roundup of some different ways to use Trello with these third party apps.


StandUp screen is a visual way to translate your team’s Trello boards onto a projector screen, and then, with the use of magnets, physically interact with Trello. It essentially acts as a giant touch screen for Trello boards. The name is a reference to the Stand Up meeting, a high level progress-report meeting with everyone on the team.

Once the app is projected onto the screen, placing magnets onto different parts of the StandUp Screen triggers different Trello actions, like moving cards, assigning new members to cards, and deleting cards. There is also a magnet to filter cards to only see those assigned to specific people.

The idea is that an in-person meeting is held where everyone is discussing action items on a Trello board and a point person or scrum master is moving applicable cards around as priorities are discussed and changed. Pretty nifty. 

Tunnel Vision


Image credit: The Next Web

Digital distractions are aplenty these days. It’s easy to self sabotage your productivity by constantly going down internet rabbit holes. Before you know it, you’ve accumulated dozens of browser tabs in four separate windows and you’ve completely lost the one link you actually need to be productive.  

Fear not, easily distracted one. Tunnel Vision is a neat Chrome extension that leverages Trello’s API to keep you on task. Each time you open a new tab, the resulting screen is a list of Trello cards assigned to you that are still “In Progress.” When configuring the plugin, you can specify which boards or lists you’d like it to parse for cards assigned to you.

"Tunnel Vision answers the question "What should I be working on right now?" every time you open a new browser tab." - Marc Kohlbrugge, Creator of Tunnel Vision

It’s your subtle little mental reminder of what needs to get done. It may even deter you from typing in good old “f-a-c-e-b-” like you always do. 

Paws For Trello (Mac only)


Paws for Trello is a desktop app. Instead of running Trello in a browser tab, it enables an icon for your dashboard, and shows you Trello alerts via desktop notifications. Something neat is that all of Trello’s keyboard shortcuts work in the app.

A quick note: At Trello, we don't monitor or take responsibility for third party apps or the content you put into them. For more info, check out our Terms of Service.


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