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How To Master Remote Work: A Roundup Of Trello Resources

By | Published on | 5 min read
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It may seem like there is a fine art to working remotely. But there are a few simple tricks that, once mastered, will change your organization for the better no matter where (or when and how) your employees choose to work. For instance, the most successful remote companies communicate clearly and collaborate as a team in shared online workspaces. Curious as to how they do it? 

Trello has been supporting highly successful remote workforces for years and we’ve amassed a collection of great resources based on what worked best (and what didn’t) for them. Here is a roundup of Trello’s top six resources for leaders and their teams on how to master remote work.

Trello’s 6 Best Resources For Working Remotely

Consider this your 6-step master class in leveling up on working remotely.

1. Trello Blog Posts On Remote Work

Working remotely has been a key topic on Trello’s blog for a long time. That’s because we’re experts in helping global, distributed, and remote teams connect, collaborate, and stay organized in shared online spaces. Lessons and learnings that once applied to those global companies are now shapeshifting to transform the way that other organizations work as they go remote or hybrid.

For those organizations that need to quickly catch up to support remote work, Trello’s blog has both high-level and specific tips and tricks categorized just for you. Start with our top three suggested blog readings and grow from there:

Explore More Of Trello’s Blogs On Remote Work

2. Free Trello Guide On How To Embrace Remote Work

Luckily for you, countless organizations have already troubleshooted—with many trials and errors—and found their way to ultimate success in working remotely. We connected with some of the world’s leading companies to hear their advice, tips, and strategies on how to embrace remote work. Learn from their journey and find out how to empower your team to do the same in our free guide.

Trello’s Guide On How To Embrace Remote Work 

“It is important to establish communication rules in a joint team-code-conduct manner that includes teams and their wishes directly in the creation. 

When do we use chats? Why do we write emails? At what point do we pick up the phone? These answers should be a joint effort and one that is reflective of the team’s efforts versus that of one person.”

—Beat Buhlmann, General Manager EMEA, Evernote

 Or, jump ahead to a specific topic that you’re most curious about in our complete guide to setting up your team for remote work success:

3. Awesome Templates For Working Remotely With Trello

For ease, simplicity, and your time’s sake, consider adding one of our ready-to-go templates for working remotely in your shared Trello workspaces. All you—or your remote team members—have to do is add the template and start populating it. It’s that easy!

Add Trello Templates To Your Workspace

Take one of our most popular remote work templates, “Work From Home Daily Planner,” for instance. Individuals add it to their Trello workspace and use it to share what they’re working on today, tomorrow, and this week with the rest of the team. This gives everyone visibility into what’s going on and when. Plus it allows managers and team members to plan, coordinate schedules, meetings, and timelines while collaborating openly and getting organized remotely.

Here are a few more super popular Trello templates for your remote team: 

4. How To Use Trello For Remote Teams: An Overview

For those looking for tools, templates, Power-Ups, automation tricks, and other resources around team solutions for working remotely with Trello, this page is for you. Consider it your one-stop-shop of resources for remote teams. Bookmark it and refer back to it as you and your team navigate remote and hybrid work. 

Check Out Trello’s Team Solutions For Working Remotely

One great resource that you’ll find linked in there is our on-demand webinar, Remote Work Playbook for Team Success. Sign up to watch it for free anytime you need a little extra help from us!

5. Should You Get Your Team In Sync, Async? A Work Check Podcast Episode By Atlassian

When it comes to remote work, it’s important to establish best practices around when, how, and where to communicate and work collaboratively with your dispersed team. Asynchronous (async) work doesn’t happen in real-time. Email is a great example of async communications because employees respond when they can. Instant chat or video meetings is synchronous work that happens in real-time. What works best for you and your team?  

Atlassian (Trello’s parent company) has an awesome podcast called Work Check. It’s a great resource for all things work-related. In the episode “Should You Get Your Team In Sync, Async?” Christine Dela Rosa hosts debaters Marshall Walker Lee and Dominique Ward, as well as several subject experts to discuss asynchronous work.

Listen To Work Check: Async Vs. Sync Work 

6. Trello’s Hybrid Work Hub

When it comes to hybrid work models, employees have the autonomy and flexibility to work when, where, and how they want. They could work in the office one day and remote the next—or in another time zone from the rest of their team. It sounds great but it comes with its challenges and requires effort from the top down to make this model truly work its magic.  

Consider Trello’s Hybrid Work Hub your go-to resource for finding solutions related to hybrid model challenges. Discover featured articles on all things hybrid work-related, such as project management, company culture, and communication best practices with hybrid workforces.

Find Out How To Make Hybrid Work Actually Work

Bookmark These 6 Resources For Your Remote Work Journey

Establishing best practices for working remotely will help your organization regardless of where your employees work. Strive for open collaboration, shared online workspaces, and clear communication because they are the pinnacles for great working culture. As you navigate these changes for the better, bookmark and refer back to these resources for guidance. We’ll continue adding to them as we learn and grow with you. 

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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