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Make Feedback Part Of Your Workflow With Trello's SurveyMonkey Power-Up

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Admit it: we all occasionally wish we were mind readers. Gaining reliable insight and productive feedback can be tough, and sometimes it feels like the only way is to utilize a crystal ball.

Don’t worry, pulling a Miss Cleo isn’t your only solution (plus we all saw how well that turned out). Asking people to take a survey is a more effective, anonymous way to get real input on your product, company, or just a general consensus from the population. Plus, now you can do it right from Trello!

Here’s a deep dive into Trello’s new integration with SurveyMonkey:

Take Surveys Within Trello

Once you have enabled the SurveyMonkey Power-Up and connected it to your SurveyMonkey account, you are able to attach live, web surveys to cards. Click the “SurveyMonkey” button on the right side menu of a card back, and you will be prompted to choose which survey you wish to attach.

Team members are now able to simply click “Take Survey” and the survey pops up right in Trello.

Trello-SurveyMonkey (1)

Even if they are not a member of the team, the link will still take them to the survey in another window. What are teams?

Example use case:

Employee Feedback: Administer surveys to your company to get their anonymous feedback on policies. Because your whole team is already on Business Class, they are able to take the survey without ever leaving Trello.

Analyze Results

If your SurveyMonkey account created the survey, then you are treated to some good looking graphs and analysis of responses right on the Trello card.


Here you can see information such as the number of questions and responses, and a graph of the response volume by date. By clicking “Analyze Results,” you are taken to the responses themselves in SurveyMonkey.

Example use case:

Public roadmapping: Ask users to vote on new feature ideas and give commentary on your product, in order to better understand your users and their pain points. Then analyze the results of each feature right in the Trello card dedicated for discussion with your team.

Exciting, right? So put that crystal ball on the top shelf somewhere, it’s merely a decoration piece now. Now you have real, actionable feedback thanks to Trello and SurveyMonkey!

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