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Share And Sync Trello Cards With Unito’s New Mirror Power-Up

Sync and mirror your Trello cards across multiple boards! Here's how to save time, keep your communication clear, and curb office oversharing with Unito’s new Mirror Power-Up for Trello.

Celebrating 100 Trello Power-Ups! New: Workplace By Facebook, Typeform, Freshservice, And Zoho CRM

Trello has 100 Power-Ups! To celebrate, here are four new awesome ways to ignite your productivity with Workplace by Facebook, Typeform, Freshservice, and Zoho CRM.

Unite JIRA, Wrike, GitHub, Asana, and Trello With The Unito Power-Up

With the Unito Power-Up for JIRA, Wrike, GitHub, and Asana, team members can use the apps they love and keep track of all the moving parts in Trello.

Get Useful Feedback From Project Stakeholders With The Includer Power-Up

Keep your stakeholders involved, keep your projects on track. The Includer Power-Up for Trello organizes feedback line-by-line so your team is on the same page.

How To Transform Trello Into a Powerful Bug Tracker With The Marker Power-Up

Check out Marker: an advanced way to turn your Trello board into a sophisticated bug tracking system. Learn how to set up your bug tracker in under 3 minutes.

Your Team’s Project Roadmap: Gantt Charts In Trello

Get that Trello board ready, those lists assigned, and your due dates lined up. With a gantt chart you can see your next project through the finish line, and beyond.