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Whether you're on a team of 5 or 5,000—the fundamentals of teamwork remain the same. Learn how to thrive better, together.

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Onboarding vs orientation: Your questions answered

Some organizations believe that if they provide employees with an onboarding experience, they don’t need to also provide employee orientation. Or, perhaps, the other way around.

The art of sparring and how to use it for team feedback

Feedback and revision are crucial for producing high-quality work, , but the process of collecting it can be fraught with frustration. Relentless revisions. Endless ideas. Conflicting opinions.

How to run a team health check (and why you should schedule one today)

There’s a reason we schedule routine dental cleanings, regularly change the oil in our cars, and call our friends to see how they’re doing: When we care about something, we check in.

20 team meeting ideas that will help your team bond in 2023

Did you know that your team meetings can be a great opportunity to build psychological safety?

How to use Trello for Scrum (and better teamwork)

If your team struggles to make progress, or you don’t know what to focus on and in what order, Scrum might be the answer to your problems. And Trello’s movable, flexible, and visible features for work...

5 ways to give (thoughtful) thanks to your team

A simple “thank you” can truly go a long way. Whether it’s a private Slack message, a public shout-out, or a small gift of recognition, the act of showing gratitude can lift anyone's spirits.


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