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The new card composer

Adding a card. As a serious Trello user, you do it all the time. Have ever wished you could do more when creating a new card? Like, say, add members and labels or change the position?

Well, surprise! You can do that now (as you probably might have guessed).

There are two ways to do it. First, you can click the new menu button at the bottom right of the composer. You can select "Members…" and get a list of available board members. You can do the same for labels and changing the position. The composer will show the selected members and labels. It will move to the new position if you select one.

OR, if you can't be bothered to click around, you can use autocomplete. For members, just type "@" plus a member's name, username, or initials, like "@bobby" or "@bg". Use "#" plus a label color or title to filter labels, like "#red" or "#seriousbusiness". For position, use "^" plus a name of a list, like "^Doing", or a position in the list, like "^5". There are also shortcuts for "^top" and "^bottom" if you want to quickly jump to the beginning or end of a list.

This is a good time to remind you about the "n" keyboard shortcut. Hover over a card and press "n". The card composer will open beneath that card so you don't have to reposition it. There's also a new "Add Card…" option in the list menu. If you click the menu button on the top right of a list and click "Add Card…", it will open the composer at the top of the list. This is especailly nice if you are using a phone and don't want to scroll to the bottom of a list to add a card.

Can't get enough power user tips? We've collected as many as we could find and put them on a public board. Visit the Trello Resources board.

Happy Trelloizing! (We need a better word for that.)