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The Secrets Of Superior Trello Searches


There’s nothing worse than wasting time wading through the backwater of past projects trying to uncover that flash of inspiration you knew would come in handy at some later date. But. Where. Is. That. CARD!? Luckily Trello’s search tools will enable you to find what you are looking for faster and more effectively.



The first thing is “/”. That’s right, go open up a board in your browser, and tap the forward slash (or solidus, for you technical folks). Now feast your eyes upon the cursor that has been ever so swiftly placed into the search field for you, awaiting your agile fingers to input inquisitive queries. No mouse movement required. Pocket that shortcut for later, because destiny and knowledge await.

Search Operators

Sure, a shortcut is great for shaving seconds off of every search, but what good is that if you can’t actually find what you are looking for? That’s why Trello has an awesome team of friends we’d like to introduce you to called the search operators. Search operators let you dial in your search at a more granular level than a basic keyword search. Add operators like “@lauren”, “-has:attachment”, “-list:done”, “board:goats”, to a search to see how Lauren is progressing on editing her latest screaming goats masterpiece.


Saved Searches

Sometimes searching for the same thing on the regular and typing in all those operators again and again can get a little cumbersome. Fear not young Jedi, Trello has got your back. If you have Trello Gold or Business Class then you have Saved Search. Anytime you want to save a search for the future you simply perform that search and then click the “Save this Search” link at the top of the search window. This is really great for generating quick reports on the fly.

For instance, let’s say you want to see all of the high priority tasks that your team accomplished this week on a big project. Create a search for board:”Project Awesome” label:”high priority” list:”Done” edited:”week”. Now go dole out some serious high-fives to your team for their superior levels of productivity.

Bonus Round: Saved searches can be organized however you want by simply dragging and dropping them into place. Score!