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The Trello Power-Ups, Templates, And Features Every Marketing Team Needs

By | Published on | 5 min read
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Trello_Blog_Illos_(11)One of the best ways to guarantee success for a marketing team is to make sure that everyone is on the same page—or in remote-world terms—Trello board. 

Trello makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date on project progress, create visibility on all tasks, and give your team the freedom they need to be successful. 

While Trello boards are simple and intuitive, they can also easily scale with the demands of your marketing team. As your needs increase, Trello features—such as Power-Ups and templates—can transform how your team optimizes and streamlines their everyday workflows. 

Take a look at some of the advanced capabilities that can automate your processes and help your team make the most out of Trello’s project management powerhouse. 

Trello Power-Ups For Marketing Teams 

Power-Ups are an easy way to dynamically transform your Trello boards and add ease to your workflows. These tools make it easier than ever to automate mundane tasks and integrate your team’s favorite apps directly into their boards.

Here are four of the most common Trello Power-Up integrations for marketing teams.

1. Figma Power-Up

Calling all designers—never miss an idea again! 

The Figma Power-Up for Trello brings live embeds of Figma files into Trello to help your marketing team stay in the know with the latest designs. These live embeds update in real-time, with no required maintenance, so your team can rest assured knowing that the latest changes will always be visible. 

Calling all designers—never miss an idea again! 

The Figma Power-Up for Trello brings live embeds of Figma files into Trello to help your marketing team stay in the know with the latest designs. These live embeds update in real-time, with no required maintenance, so your team can rest assured knowing that the latest changes will always be visible.

2. Google Drive Power-Up

Take organization to the next level with the Google Drive Power-Up. This integration brings all of your valuable marketing files and folders to your Trello cards for easy access. You can search and attach your files, get real-time previews of the documents, and even turn your Trello board into a ready-to-go Google Slides presentation. 

It doesn’t get much simpler than this!

3. MailChimp Power-Up

Basic campaign workflow? We don’t know her. 

The MailChimp Power-Up eliminates the need for your team to switch between apps by integrating MailChimp email campaigns right into your Trello board. Keep team members in the know by sharing plans, tracking emails, and collaborating on customized campaigns in Trello. 

An added bonus: keep the Power-Up enabled once the campaign is live so everyone can track the results in real-time! 

Trello Templates For Marketing Teams 

Marketing teams are notorious for wearing many hats—more often than not, all at the same time. Whether you need to get your content production down to a science or scale your processes for efficiency, Trello templates are the perfect solution to organize all of your business needs. 

Here are three templates that will help seamlessly coordinate your team’s marketing efforts.

1. Editorial Calendar Template 

Trello’s Editorial Calendar template will help your team synchronize their content creation, editing, and production with internal and external authors, while keeping an eye on the publishing calendar and distribution strategy. Your team will have access to the status of every blog post to guarantee that nothing falls through the cracks. 

Organize your team’s brilliant thoughts and keep everyone aligned on project completion in Trello style! 

2. Go To Market Strategy Template

Keep your team focused and your launches successful with this ready-to-go board. 

The Go To Market Strategy template is the perfect starting point for your team’s marketing launch plan. Use this template to coordinate go-to-market brand and product launches across multiple teams with a single Trello board. Your team can easily keep track of every moving task, clearly see the work getting done, and execute a direct and effective launch strategy. 

3. Annual Email Marketing Calendar Template 

In with the new, out with the old! 

Trello’s Email Marketing Calendar template brings your email marketing to life with clear due dates, colored labels, card templates, and much more. Use the Calendar View to bring clarity to project deadlines and published emails instantaneously. You’ll be amazed at how much time your team can save!  

Achieve email marketing success with this easy-to-use template that will keep your team’s inbox clutter-free. 

Keep Track Of Every Detail And Due Date With Calendar View

Need a simple way to view and manage a content calendar? Or an easy solution to mapping out monthly themes? Or maybe you’re struggling to visualize multiple campaigns going on at once. Calendar View is your answer.

Trello Calendar View Examplel

With the Calendar view, you can see a peripheral view of your month at a quick glance—all while maintaining the ability to hone in on specific day-to-day details of your marketing tasks and projects. Calendar supports both full-day and multi-day events so you can see all of your board’s cards with start dates, due dates, and Advanced Checklist items with due dates in one location. 

Trello Takeaways: Optimize Your Boards With Just A Few Clicks 

Marketing teams are tasked with it all—from goal setting to keeping a project on track, to content creation and measuring progress. Developing an efficient team strategy means taking full advantage of the tools at your disposal, and streamlining processes along the way.

The marketing world moves fast. Trello moves faster. 

Trello’s Power-Ups, templates, no-code automation, and other products and features simplify everyday processes so that your team can focus on what matters most. 

Whether you want to read up on the latest tips and tricks in our Marketing Team playbook or dive right into using Trello for your marketing efforts, we have the tools necessary to set your team up for long-term success. 

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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