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Introducing The Trello App For Slack

By | Published on | 2 min read
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What happens when your two favorite collaboration tools join forces? The world gets the ultimate productivity powerhouse, that’s what. Now you can collaborate with your team and gain perspective on any project using Trello while still in Slack.

Capture new ideas in the moment and turn conversations into actionable items in Trello, all in one click.  We'll give you a moment to wipe the tears of joy from your face.

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Your New Bot Buddy


Save time, and those carpal-tunnel-causing keystrokes, by inviting @trello to your Slack channels. Trellobot brings perspective to any conversation by automatically displaying key board and card details when shared in a Slack channel.

Best of all, @trello minimizes the need to switch back and forth between platforms to join a card or add a due date - removing the ultimate evil known as “context switching.”  Think of it as the sprinkles on a Slack sundae.

Steer The Ship From Slack


Slack’s new interactive message buttons open up a whole world of possibilities for the intrepid project prospector. Now, when an over-caffeinated brainstorm session in Slack ensues, key action items can be added directly to Trello, and the conversation leading up to that moment can be attached to the card to keep your Slack conversations organized.


People can also easily join boards and cards with the click of a button and get directly to the task at hand. Other actions include subscribing to boards and cards, updating due dates, editing labels on a card, and more.

To Slack And Back With Commands


When a new idea begins to unfurl, your Slack channel lights up with notifications, and unread messages accumulate fast. Don’t let those amazing ideas flying around fall through the cracks.  

Keep productivity at your command, and that command starts with /trello. Add new Trello cards to create tasks on the fly while staying in the conversation.


Assign team members to cards from a Slack channel to keep pushing projects forward, like when a bold new project needs an expedition leader, and keep the feedback loop flowing by commenting on Trello cards from Slack.

One Click Collaboration


Get started by linking your Slack and Trello teams, so that any Slack team member can join your Trello team and make magic happen, bypassing any holdups that can diffuse an inspired moment. Ta-da.

Take team collaboration out of isolation today with the Trello for Slack app, because Trello and Slack simply work better together.

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Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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