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Plan Every Project, Task, And Deadline With Trello Calendar View

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Do you rely on due dates and deadlines but need a better way to see those cards in the context of the days and weeks ahead? Don’t worry, Trello has a view for that!

Bring Clarity To Task And Project Deadlines With The Calendar View

With the Calendar view, you can see a birds-eye view of your month at a quick glance—all while maintaining the ability to hone in on specific day-to-day details of what needs to be done. Calendar supports both full-day and multi-day events so you can see all of your board’s cards with start dates, due dates, and Advanced Checklist items with due dates in one convenient location.

Calendar view is available for Business Class and Enterprise plans. Want to try Calendar view with your team? Start a free trial today!

Trello Calendar View Examplel

Here are just a few use cases:

  • A marketing editorial calendar to plan blog content
  • Keeping track of sales meetings with leads and close dates
  • Managing interviews in a hiring pipeline
  • Planning your next event or conference
  • Staying on top of your tasks each week

To switch to Calendar view simply:

  1. Click the views switcher in the top left corner of your board.
  2. Select Calendar.
  3. Gasp as you unfold a fresh, new perspective on the past, present, and future of your tasks.

Trello Calendar View Toggle Feature

Within the Calendar view, your cards will be arranged according to their due date and will also display any labels, members, or checklists added to them.Plus, it’s easy to add new cards from within Calendar view, like when you’re planning out your monthly editorial calendar, by clicking the Add Card button in the bottom left corner of the calendar.

Want to view a card? No need to toggle back to regular board view! Simply click on a card to view it, then click out of the card to go back to the calendar.

But let’s not stop there, because there are a lot more great features within the Calendar view.

First, while the calendar defaults to a monthly view, you can switch to a weekly view which makes it easier to visualize all of your cards that have due dates coming up on those really busy days.

Trello Calendar View by Month

You can change due dates on a card by dragging it to a new date on the calendar. Not quite sure that it worked? Click the card to open it and check out that automatically synced due date. (Take that, wall calendars!)

When bigger tasks expand into multiple days, or campaigns and events need to get stretched, Calendar view has got you covered. Simply stretch the edges of a card to adjust the start date and due date. 

Trello Calendar View Drag and Drop Feature

Keep Track Of Every Detail And Due Date In Trello With Calendar View

Deadlines will be remembered and accounted for, projects will be properly forecasted, and everyone on your team will have a clear view of tasks with the Calendar view. Whether you are planning a product launch, managing an editorial calendar, or organizing a remote team activity, you’ll get a full perspective on everything you need to accomplish. 

We are constantly working to make the Calendar view even better. Some exciting updates that are coming down the pipeline include: 

  • Card filtering to drill down to your most important cards
  • Day view so you can stay focussed each day of the week
  • Real time third party calendar syncing
  • Advanced settings to show/hide weekends, Advanced Checklist items, and completed due dates
  • We’ll be rolling out Calendar view on mobile in the oncoming months

Go ahead and take Calendar view for a spin today—start a free trial!

Questions? Attend A Webinar

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This webinar is free for all to attend. We will be recording the webinar and sharing a copy of the recording with all registrants after the event.

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 at 10:00AM EST.

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