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Trello Common Questions Part II

By | Published on | 2 min read
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**Please note: Some of the information in this article may be out of date.  Please visit help.trello.com for up to date help articles about Trello.**

What parts of my account can be seen publicly?

If people search for it, we will show them your profile (which includes your name) and any actions you make on public boards. It will also include any teams you have made public. By default, all of your actions on your boards are private since boards default to being private. Only your name, public teams, and activities on public boards can be seen.

I see other people's boards and cards when I search. Does that mean my cards are public?

No. The cards and boards you see have been explicitly made public by their owners.

How secure is Trello?

All traffic to and from our servers is SSL encrypted.  And not with one of those Iranian gmail certificates either.  So none of your usage can be eavesdropped on or interfered with. Data is backed up every four hours.  The data on disk is NOT encrypted (but maybe we'll make that available as a premium feature).  No one is allowed access to customer data without written permission, and only a very small group of people at the company even have the actual ability to access this data. More information at http://trello.com/privacy.

How can I get my data out of Trello?

We don't want to "lock you in" by making it hard to get your data. Because Trello is still young, we don't yet have an export feature, but it's planned for the future.

Is there an Android app? Why is the iPhone app read-only?

We're working on both of these issues.  The iPhone app was rushed out for TC Disrupt by one of our awesome devs who managed to write the entire app in essentially 3 weeks.  We do plan to make it fully editable.

Where should I ask more questions?

As always, you can check out the Trello Development board and see if we are already working on it.

Also check out trello.com/help. You can send feature ideas to feature-ideas@trello.com or if you are having problems with your account, send an email to support@trello.com. Or try the webapps stackexchange site!

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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