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How To DIY A City Travel Guide With Trello (According To Expert, Johnny Jet)

Trello: Free templates for DIY city travel trip itinerary planner

The wheels lift off, the car engine fires up, the train pulls away from the station. Each of these moments marks an exciting start—you’re embarking on a journey to visit a new place!

When you think of a vacation, you might envision a tropical beach or camping on the side of a mountain. But traveling and exploring a new city is just as exciting as a secluded island getaway or a hike along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The world’s cities are full of history, culture, and of course, delicious food. Best of all—taking a vacation to a city gives you the opportunity to observe and live like a local during your trip.

To properly prep for the hustle and bustle of city travel, it’s important to do research beforehand and create an itinerary for your trip. And this planning phase doesn’t have to be daunting. The discovery of your trip starts while you’re at home and should be fun and motivating, especially when you find an Instagrammable restaurant or the perfect hotel room during your research.

City Guide Tips From A Travel Pro 

There are people around the world who have dedicated their lives to exploring the nooks and crannies of top city destinations. We chatted with one such travel expert and blogger, Johnny Jet, who shares his expert travel tips below and explains how he uses Trello to plan his metropolitan adventures.

Trello: What are your favorite cities in the world?

Johnny Jet: Some of my favorite cities are New York, Hong Kong, Sydney, Paris, and London. I also have a soft spot for Los Angeles, the place I now call home.

Trello: What are some ways you stick to your budget while traveling in a city?

Johnny Jet: Planning ahead is always a good idea when you’re on a budget. I recommend doing what the locals do. Take the subway/metro or walk (you’ll see more of the city), eat a good lunch at the places that the locals go to, and take advantage of the free or cheap things to do, like visiting a park or a museum.

I use apps and Google searches to find what people recommend. I also redeem rewards earned on my travel rewards credit cards to help make the most out of my trips.

Trello: How do you decide which sites you want to see when visiting a new city?

Johnny Jet: When visiting a new city, I do like to see some tourist attractions. But, I also like to mix it up with things that are a bit off the beaten path. Doing a little research and reading the events that the local news publications have listed is also helpful. I’ve even found events through Facebook!

Trello: What are some ways you save on transportation costs?

Johnny Jet: I recommend staying in areas that are close to many of the attractions you’d like to see and walking to them. Otherwise, I recommend local transportation. I also use my credit card to pay for Uber and Lyft as transportation purchases in order to earn more rewards. If you’re looking at longer trips, shop around. You’d be surprised at how sometimes a flight can be cheaper than a road trip.

Trello: How do you keep your belongings safe when visiting a big city?

Johnny Jet: I travel with a suitcase that has a TSA approved lock. I also wear pick-pocket proof clothing to feel more secure. I even use a dummy wallet that has a few dollars and fake credit cards and keep the real stuff on my person. Having travel insurance also gives me peace of mind wherever I am in the world.

Trello: What are a few items you always travel with?

Johnny Jet:  I never get on a flight without my headphones, camera, laptop with a privacy screen (since I’m usually working), a journal, eye mask, my my Chase and Capital One travel rewards cards, and chocolates for the flight attendants. They work hard! It’s nice to give them as a token of appreciation. 

Trello: Which tools do you use to plan and organize your trips?

Johnny Jet: I like to use TripIt and HipMunk to keep my travel plans organized but I also like to map out my travel plans, especially when several destinations are involved. Trello also makes it easy to see, collaborate, and organize my plans in one visual view.

I like to make to-do lists for every trip so I love how easy it is to keep track of what I still need to do before my departure day. I also use Trello to build my itinerary while I’m visiting a new city or country. It’s great that Trello mobile apps for Android and iOS work offline. That means I can always ask my itinerary and booking information whether or not I have access to cellular data or WiFi.

Trello Travel Boards To Inspire Your Next Getaway

As you heard from travel guru, Johnny Jet, there are special considerations to account for when traveling to a new city like safety and transportation costs. Luckily, you can worry less about logistics by using Trello to plan and store your trip details. Here are a few DIY city guide templates to inspire you, including Johnny Jet's NYC adventure!

The Big Apple — New York City Guide 

"It’s great that Trello mobile apps for Android and iOS work offline. That means I can always ask my itinerary and booking information whether or not I have access to cellular data or WiFi." - Johnny Jet, Travel Blogger

Free Trello board template: New York trip planner

Copy The Board

And here are a couple more city boards from our users to spark that wanderlust in your heart: 

The Land Of The Rising — Tokyo City Guide 

"I used Trello to track a diary of my travels to Japan and share my itinerary with friends who wanted to plan similar trips! Cover images were a great way to showcase some of my favorite photos from the trip, labels were helpful to categories each type of event and make it easy for friends to filter for what they were interested in." - Ali Sipher, Trello User

Free Trello board template: Tokyo trip planner

Copy The Board

Paradise In The Pacific — Honolulu City Guide

"Before you fashion yourself a modern day Magellan, don't forget there's a lot of pesky logistics to handle in your quest for world exploration. I'm here to tell you that Trello can manage all of that for you, so you can focus on mapping out uncharted territory." - Lauren Moon, Trello Marketing Manager

Free Trello board template: Honolulu trip planner

 Copy The Board

Getting There Starts Here

We have many more more tips and ideas for using Trello for your next adventure, whether you're backpacking solo or planning a family trip to remember. Get the 4-1-1 on the top Trello travel tips to remember with our high-level tour here: 

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