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Just Your Type—New Trello Keyboard Shortcuts And Other Updates

By | Published on | 4 min read
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We’re always keeping busy over here and giving Santa’s workshop a run for his money by working on new features and improvements to Trello— ensuring that you and your team can keep moving work forward and getting more done.

Here are three new product updates that you can add to your arsenal of productivity tricks to save some clicks.

Undo, Redo, And Repeat Shortcuts

Any power user will tell you that Trello’s keyboard shortcuts are the quickest way to take your productivity to the next level, and we’ve added three new ones to the list:

1. Undo

2. Redo

3. Repeat

Sure, one could argue that redo is just the inverse of undo and is not really an additional shortcut, but let’s not overthink this.

Let’s say that you’ve created the most poetic and perfect card description, surely one that your teammates will be talking about in meetings for many fiscal years to come. Content with your work of art, you get up to grab a cup of coffee, and your cat jumps on the keyboard (remote work struggles) and destroys your masterpiece. Now, simply hit “Z” to undo the last action and retrieve your work—You: 1 cat: 0.

Trello Shortcut Z

On the flip side, your cat might be super smart and also reading this blog post, and they will be familiar with “shift-Z”, our new redo shortcut. If this is the case, then prepare to be locked in an eternal struggle of undos and redos, but at least rest assured knowing that in the end, whatever is done can also be undone.

The third brand new keyboard shortcut is certain to save you tons of clicks and drags. Simply press “R” to repeat a previous action. This is great for dragging cards across boards with lots of lists, adding due dates to cards, and even moving a card to another board (which could take up to six clicks.)

Trello Repeat Gif

Here’s a list of actions currently supported by the new Undo, Redo, and Repeat shortcuts:
  • Join
  • Leave
  • Add member
  • Remove member
  • Move
  • Add label
  • Remove label
  • Archive
  • Unarchive
  • Rename
  • Update description
  • Set due date

Card Templates On Mobile

If you’re already loving card templates on desktop and browser, then brace yourself because you can now take those templates everywhere you go. Card templates created on desktop and browser will now be accessible on your mobile device, where you can create new cards from those templates. Card templates are available on both Trello for iOS and Android.

Create From Template screenshot

Not familiar with card templates? These types of cards make it super simple to build a streamlined structure into your workflow. Create a template card with all the information your team needs when creating new tasks or items, and bring some consistency when creating new cards. This is really helpful for submitting requests, filling orders for customers, and planning units of work.

To add a card template simply:

  • Click the card template icon at the bottom right corner of any list on desktop or browser
  • Click “Create a new template”
  • Name your template and then click “Add”

From there you will be brought to the card back of your template card.

Here you can create the perfect “blank slate”—exactly how you would like cards copied from that template to appear. This could mean formatting the card’s description, adding Custom Fields, creating checklists, and more.

Finally, go back to Trello on your mobile device and see your newly created card templates ready for action.

Create Card Template Gif


Map Power-Up Improvements

Finally, we’ve made some really awesome improvements to the Map Power-Up on desktop and browser that allow you to work faster within the Map view. Now you can add cards, drag and drop cards, and access the card quick editor directly from the map.

Add Card On Map gif

To add a new card directly from the Map view either click the “Add a card” button on the top right corner of the map and search for a location with Google Maps, or simply double click any area of the map to add a card in that location. Just like being able to drag cards to different dates in the Calendar Power-Up, now you can drag any card marker to a new location on the map and the new location will automatically be updated on the card.

Finally, editing cards from the map is easier than ever with the addition of the quick editor. Instead of clicking all the way into a card from the map view, just click on the pencil icon that appears when you hover your mouse on a card and quickly access the ability to update details like labels, due dates, members, and more, without having to jump into the card back.

We hope you enjoy these improvements we’ve made to your Trello experience, and stay tuned because we’ve been busy working on a whole lot of new awesomeness coming soon.

Good or bad, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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