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Trello for Android Tablets is Coming – Beta Testers Needed!

Many of you have been clamoring for a tablet-optimized Trello Android app, and we’ve heard you! We’ve been working hard this summer on the app, and it’s almost ready for prime time. The new tablet app includes all the Trello power you expect, as well as some nice touches like real-time updates, drag to archive, a shiny new card view, and drag and drop for lists and cards.

But it’s not not quite ready for launch! Before we release it, we need beta testers to make sure it’s as awesome and bug-free as possible. We’re asking you — our faithful, good-looking Trello users with Android tablets — to beta test the app. As a beta tester, you’ll get to watch the app grow up as we deliver periodic updates. Feedback from our beta testers is critical, and we’d really appreciate the help.

Interested? Getting set up is easy:

  1. Join the Trello for Android Beta Community on Google+.
  2. Visit this link and click the "Become a Tester" button.
  3. Download via the link provided or auto-update to the beta version.


Warning: there will be bugs. When you find them, let us know on the Trello Android Beta board or by emailing android-beta@trello.com. Don't have an Android device? Remember, we have apps for iPhone, iPad, and Windows 8 too!

Editor's note: Fog Creek’s Summer 2013 Internship Class is codenamed Iguana, hence the curious iguanas in the photo. Our interns Bonnie Eisenman and Jonathan Balsano have been working on the app throughout the summer.