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Trello for Android Updated! Version 1.3 is Available Now!

We just released a huge update to our Android app! You can download it now. We've updated almost the entire interface to make it more beautiful and easier to use than ever. It's also faster and smoother.

What's new? For one, we've added card covers to the app. That means you'll get images on the front of your cards, just like on the web. Images will be in high definition for your high resolution devices, so they will look nice and sharp.

The back of the card has also been significantly updated. Cards will show a high resolution card cover at the top. Navigation is much easier and more intuitive. If you want to add an attachment, label, checklist, or due date to the card, just click the big "+" in the lower right corner. It's always accessible. We've also added autocomplete to comments. Just start typing @ and the person's name and you'll get suggestions. They'll get notified when you comment.

There are many other improvements like a new home screen with swipeable tabs, editable board settings, and the ability to add board members. We've also rewritten a lot of the backend code focusing on speed and performance. Swiping and scrolling are much smoother. And, of course, we fixed a ton of bugs.

So go download now!