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How The Help Scout Integration For Trello Is Transforming Support Teams

By | Published on | 4 min read
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Learn how you can use the Help Scout integration with Trello to manage support cases, generate sales leads, communicate with developers, ship packages, and ultimately, delight your users.

Anyone working in customer support can relate to the anxiety of getting in Monday morning and bracing for the queue. It's typically long, and the types of customer issues are varied. But don't fret!Here are some creative ways to utilize the Help Scout integration as your board’s free Power-Up or with Trello Business Class for an assorted selection of questions, issues, and workflows.

Support specialists every Monday morning, amirite?

Monitor User Feedback

Let's say you receive a classic feature request. So classic that you quickly note it has been requested 117 times before. You know this because every time you get this request (or any other request) it gets logged on the team’s Feature Requests board.

By attaching each request to its respective Trello card you see how many cases have been attached to each card and have the data necessary to go gently nudge the product team. The people hath spoken.

Get a visual overview of how many Help Scout cases are associated with different ideas to better understand the needs of your users. If the people want a William Shatner voice option, then that's what they ought to get. 

Communicate With Engineers

Perhaps you notice this Monday morning that something strange and mischievous is afoot in the queue. More and more cases are coming in about login issues, but you are unable to reproduce the issue on your end.

You can add it to a list titled "Incoming" on the board tracking bugs and issues. It's here you are able to see that there are now 10 attached support cases, and 3 attached Tweets from your social team. Thirty seconds later you get a Trello notification from the web team lead to tell you that they are looking into it.


By attaching the Help Scout support case to a Trello card, an engineer is notified that there is a bug.

You can now relay this information to the user that wrote in. When the bug is fixed it will be easy to contact every user that wrote in about it because all of the cases are attached to a single Trello card.

Give Back To Your Users

Here's another scenario: a super fan wrote in that they would love to cover their entire laptop with your company’s logo and adorable mascot stickers. Upon further examination, they actually want stickers for their entire team. (Support specialist credo #1: people love stickers.) 

You can open up a board for customer requests, create a new card, and attach the case. From there you can also attach the package tracking number to the card, and make a mental note to follow up when the package is delivered.  Keep an eye on Twitter for pictures of an office covered in your company’s stickers. It sure beats those wretched old post-it notes (cough cough TRY TRELLO cough). 


When something needs to be mailed to a user, attach the Help Scout conversation and package tracking info to the back of a Trello card.

It’s Raining Leads, Hallelujah

Suppose that with your keen attention to detail you start noticing that there are a bunch of cases that all have the email domain of a huge multinational corporation. You didn’t think they were a paying client, and when you dig deeper it is confirmed that they’re only on your product’s freemium plan. Does the sales team know?

You can pop open the Sales Leads board and attach those cases to it, and add the VP of Sales to the card thinking that this could be a great potential lead. 


Drag and drop the Help Scout case from a large company onto a Sales Pipeline Trello board to notify the Sales team of a potential lead.  

As you get back to the case you wonder if the bonus you’ll get from this lead will mean you can finally go on that “flavors of Italy” food tour you’ve been dreaming about.

On Your Way To Inbox Zero

Huzzah! You did it! Your inbox is empty, the log-in bug has been fixed, and an enterprise sales deal is in the works with a multinational corporation.

Now you can put your computer to sleep and smile to yourself. Just another day in the life of a support specialist, made a little easier with the Help Scout integration for Trello.  


Learn more about all Power-Ups and features, or sign up for our next webinar, which will cover new features like the Help Scout Power-Up.

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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