End Office Email (For Real) With This Trello And HipChat Team Tutorial


Imagine your workplace without internal email. How many fewer “Kindest Regards” would you have to type out? How much time would you save not sifting through messy “reply-all” chains?

On the other hand, how stressed are you right now thinking of an office without email?

The last thing we want to do is raise your blood pressure. So we wouldn’t be proposing this radical regime change without a very real, very successful alternative in place—the new and improved Trello to HipChat integration. When you combine the power of these two team collaboration tools, you get customized perspective on your projects via organized, instant communication.

If “reply-all” is an all-consuming part of your day, follow along as we break down the benefits, setup, and chat-worthy results of syncing your team communication using Trello and HipChat.

A Dozen Ways To Use HipChat And Trello Together


The integration between HipChat and Trello allows all teams, whether technical or business, to share what’s getting done without jumping back and forth between apps. Because every team can access every public room, it has the added benefit of breaking down office silos and making sure that everyone has equal access to the right information. No more missed CC’s!

To help you see the scope of possibility in a world without email, here are 12 different ways you can use Trello notifications and card creation in HipChat:

Use Trello notifications in HipChat to:

  • Announce new hires, employee awards and kudos, or important company-wide HR updates.

  • Spread the word about cool PR or recently published blog posts available to share.

  • Confirm that new product features or important updates are shipped!

  • Let teammates know that design or copy is ready for approval (including that a file has been uploaded)

  • Tag teammates in and out of tasks in a board’s workflow, whether that’s within one team’s board or between team boards.

  • Distribute weekly team status updates automatically!

Create Trello cards in HipChat for:

  • Virtual standups: Kick email and meetings to the curb by hosting quick morning standups in chat and creating cards from action items.

  • Impromptu brainstorming sessions: Did someone just come up with a great marketing campaign idea? Make a card before they forget!

  • Shared links or resources you want to save: No more copy and paste! (Pro tip: Use the Trello Chrome extension to quick save links in your browser too.)

  • Capitalizing on the enthusiasm of volunteers: When someone offers to take on a task, assign them right then and there.

  • Reminders: Assign yourself a message or two to your personal task-tracking board so you’ll never miss a beat.

  • Cross-team requests: Have other teams drop requests in your team channel, and instantly turn those into tasks.

HipChat Trello Integration: Basics & Setup

Kicking email to the curb starts with connecting the right Trello boards to the right HipChat rooms. To get connected:

  1. Head into the HipChat room where you want to activate Trello and click “Add Integrations” from the right-hand menu.

  2. Locate, add, and approve the Trello integration from HipChat’s integration platform.


  3. You’ll also want to give HipChat permission to access your Trello account. Follow the prompts, and it will open your Trello account in a new window to help you do this.

  4. Select which Trello activity you want to send to which HipChat room. Pick the board most important to that room’s purpose and think about how your team optimally communicates about their work. The goal is to set the right tone.

Pro tip: Don’t over-notify on things that might be not as important to know in real-time or for the majority of people in the channel.

Screen_Shot_2017-04-10_at_4.47.14_PM.pngMembers of Trello’s Content room in HipChat will see high-level progress updates from our Editorial Calendar with these settings.

Your whole team will now get notifications in HipChat automatically when activity happens in Trello. Hear that? It’s the sound of perfunctory status update emails disappearing into your digital past.

The Secret Weapon: Creating Cards From Conversations

After connecting Trello to your HipChat team and setting up the right locations, you can make the most of each moment and create cards in Trello right from your important conversations.


Click on the three dots that appear to the right-hand side of any message to create a new Trello card. Add whatever details you need, from descriptions to due dates. Assign people to questions or requests that come into your team’s room. This is a great way to completely eliminate what feels like endless “quick” emails.

Get in the habit of making action items out of group chat, and you’ll put an end to productivity-wasting context switching

Email isn’t the enemy, but the steps involved in crafting and sending long-form messages for short-form requests can slow you down and silo your team’s communications. Add transparency by connecting your teams, and make collaboration and organization an email-free process by grabbing the Trello HipChat integration from the Atlassian marketplace.

Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done.

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