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Give Your Productivity A New View With Trello Home

By | Published on | 3 min read
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Trello Home Activity Feed Tutorial

Live with perspective. This core tenet of Trello is getting new meaning thanks to home—a brand new feature that will help you see your Trello world like never before. The new Trello home view provides you with the high level perspective of what’s happening at any moment across your teams, boards, and card activities.

By heading home in Trello, you can solve recurring collaboration conundrums and productivity puzzles like, “What should I work on next?” or “What’s my team up to?” and the all-important, “What happened while I was away from Trello?”

Now, whenever you log in, you’ll be greeted with a single view that shows you which due dates are coming up next, card activities that need your immediate attention, and everything that has happened across your Trello teams and boards while you were gone. Filter all of this information by team so you can get in the zone and focus on what matters most.

tiny_twitter_birdTweet this: Welcome home to @trello! It's the new view that shows all card activities, due dates, and convos in one productive place: bit.ly/divinghome

A Tour Of Your New Home In Trello

Updates that you see in your home feed are meant to surface Trello information that’s more relevant to you in that moment, keeping you connected to the projects, cards, and work that you care about. To get home just click on the Trello logo at the top of any board or navigate to trello.com while you are logged in.

Let’s start the tour:

Up Next shows cards that…

  • Have due dates coming up or recently overdue: Trello Home Up Next: See due dates
  • Have active conversations that require your reply: reply SH
  • Have you added as a member, but haven’t had any activity: Trello Home: See when added as card memberHere’s the best part: Right from this view, you can reply directly to said cards or dismiss them if they aren’t at the top of your to-do list. Click the “Complete” button to mark a due date as done without heading to the card itself. When you’re ready to keep stacking up those accomplishments, hit “Show More” to surface additional cards needing your attention.

Team Highlights show all card conversations from your boards.

Trello Home Team Highlights
On the right side of the new Trello home, boards you've Starred stay stuck to the top, and any recently viewed boards are displayed directly below.

You can use this view to stay updated on your team’s activities, and reply directly to cards without diving into each board. Click “Show More Activity” to load more highlights.

Trello Home Boards List

Pro-tip: Navigate to any card shown in the home view by clicking on the card’s title. 

The Boards tab on the left-hand side will show you your boards broken down by team and personal. You can also access this within the boards menu on the left-hand side of your screen within the Trello web app. You can search for boards by name, here, too!

Pro-tip: Add yourself as a member to any board you’d like to see in this feed.

This new home is slated for additional features and upgrades—stay tuned for more to come! Currently this home view is available on Trello web and desktop and will be coming soon to Trello mobile.

With all of these exciting new features, you might just say home is where the productivity is.

Learn how Trello home helped Bumble’s factory kick it into high (productivity) gear!

Good or bad, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello) or write in to support@trello.com.

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