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Trello and Inbox by Gmail: Keep Your Email Notifications Excellent

By | Published on | 3 min read
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Inbox by Gmail and Trello

The time has come to bring a fresh perspective to your inbox, your Google Inbox that is. Today we are excited to announce a brand new Trello integration with Inbox by Gmail, bringing you instant access to key notification details, with emails sorted by board, and more! Let’s take a look at all the reasons why you should be inviting Inbox to your Trello party.

Streamlined Notifications FTW

Trello - Bundles

Sure, you fancy yourself a productivity pro, juggling Trello boards from all of your life’s teams: work, your awesome side project, the family reunion. You find, however, that when the Trello notifications start to accumulate, your old inbox just isn’t up to speed.  In fact, all your old inbox does is plop down every notification from every board on top of each other. This is not the future we were promised.

With the new Trello integration for Google's Inbox, notifications are grouped together by board in a clean and organized way. By using Inbox, there is no need for the hide-and-seek that leaves you searching for relevant notifications from your most important projects. Each board is clearly marked, and Inbox will even pull in your Trello board background for quick, visual recognition.

No More Digging, You Dig?

Open cards and boards directly in Gmail with Trello integration for Google Inbox.

Now you can get the information you need at the tip of your fingers (or eyelashes if you sit too close to your screen) without having to waste time clicking through each notification email.  Inbox surfaces the most important information in the message preview.  

If you get a notification that requires action, hop right into your Trello board from Inbox and tackle the task at hand. If not, simply mark the message as “Done” to remove it, and keep your inbox free of clutter.

The Inbox-Trello Workflow

How Trello and Inbox by Gmail work in action.

It’s easy now to turn Inbox into a one stop shop activity feed for all of your Trello boards, and develop a workflow that keeps you always in the loop without having to hop back and forth between apps. Here’s an example:


First, subscribe to the Trello boards that you want to keep up to date on. Now, whenever actions occur on those boards, you will receive grouped notifications for each board.  If it’s something that doesn’t need your attention, just mark it as done and move on. Quick tasks like responses to comments can be taken care of directly from the notification message.


If there is a Trello notification that you plan on taking care of later, simply set a reminder and snooze the notification until you’ll be able to get to the task. This will remove the notification from your inbox and keep you focused on what’s in front of you.

Trello_-_Pinned_RemindersFinally, to make sure your most important Trello notifications don’t get lost in the cracks, pin them. When you want to go heads down and focus on your most important tasks just enable the pin at the top of Inbox, and pick off those notifications one by one. Done!

Take your inbox to the next level today with the Trello integration for Inbox by Gmail.  It’s free, and if you are already using Inbox it requires no action on your part. If you aren’t, then elevate your inbox today!

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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