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Trello for iOS 2.5: Dropbox Attachments, iOS 7, and You

By | Published on | 3 min read
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Trello for iOS 2.5 is out! From the very moment you open our free, official iPhone and iPad app, you’ll whisper-wonder: “Are the rumors true? Did the Fog Creek hire Jonathan Ive? If not, why is everything beautiful?”

I love a good rumor that I started in the last paragraph as much as the next person, but we simply don’t have the resources or the generous amount of crew-neck T-shirts required for that sort of talent acquisition. Nonetheless! We are proud to announce that starting with 2.5 we are an upstanding, taxpaying citizen of iOS 7.

So prepare yourself for all sorts of design words that will be thrown at you throughout this blog post. Words like “flat.” Or “blueification.” Or …

… you’re not interested in how beautiful this update is, are you?

And why should you be? You’re probably a hardworking junior hydroelectric engineer. After a long, wet day at the dam, you just want to come home and use Trello to organize — together. You’re not interested in Skeuomorphism, or Buttons. You’re interested in your family. Your son. Your daughter. Your dam that the state government wants to shut down and replace with two windmills.

Let’s get to the features then.

Upload Attachments from Dropbox!

If you wanted to attach Dropbox files to cards in the past, you couldn’t. Mostly because that feature didn’t exist, but also because software can’t adapt itself to your wants and needs (like it can in Her). That’s all changed. Forget the past you once lived. In 2.5 you can hit the + (iOS 7) to attach Dropbox files.

Your important files, which in no way indicate you’re an electronic hoarder, will open up in the Dropbox app. Give Dropbox a quick tap and the file will be attached to your card, just like the movie Her.

Sweet New Checklists

Flat. Circles. iOS 7. Blue. Percentages. Animations. Bezier paths instead of images. We did it. It looks great on the iPad too, if you can believe it:

Look at those icons. Mwah.


Our fall co-op intern Devin Witherspoon, pictured here gazing into your soul, landed organizations in this version. You can now not only create boards in your organizations by hitting the + (iOS 7) next to the sweet bell icon (iOS 7), but you can also view all the organization’s boards right in the app.

Upload Attachments While You’re Offline

Like comments and cards, attachments now have offline support. We know the coverage around the hydroelectric dam is spotty at best, so now you can add attachments any time you want, any where you want. Once you’re back online, the app will send those attachments along to the server. With a feature like that you’ll want to take pictures of your coworkers in order to demo the feature even when your coworkers just want to go home. Or another hypothetical scenario.

And More

There’s so much more we want to brag about but we’ve taken up enough of your time. 2.5 is the Cantonese word for “please rate our app on the App Store” and we didn’t choose the name lightly. You can pinch-to-zoom image attachments. There’s a Help link if you tap your avatar. The “sexy is back on the contact invite view controller” (an actual commit message from Ian). Things that are clickable are tinted blue. The code for iPad popovers became elegant like a poem. The portal to the Eldritch Dimension should be closed.

We’re immensely proud and excited and a tiny bit scared to release 2.5 to you, but it’s live on the App Store as soon as you stop reading this sentence and there’s nothing we can do about it. Download it today!

Available on the App Store

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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