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Trello On Your Wrist

By | Published on | 2 min read
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Yup, in our pursuit of being everywhere, Trello is now available on your wrist. Want to create cards without using your phone? You got it.  Want your watch to remind you when cards are due? Piece of cake. Want to reply to comments with just your voice? Not. A. Problem. To top it all off, you don’t even have to download anything. If you have an Android wearable, Trello for Android Wear will be installed automatically when you update to the latest version of Trello for Android.

Reply to comment notifications easily

Comment and mention notifications appear on the watch, and you can reply to them by voice.


When someone comments on a card you’re subscribed to or mentions you in a comment, you’ll automatically get a notification on your Android wearable. Swipe to the left, hit reply, and start speaking. Your voice is transcribed to a comment by a gremlin in the watch and added to the card. Other users will get a notification of the comment, which will appear on their watch, and… that’s right, you can have a conversation on a Trello card from watch to watch.

Create cards on the go

You no longer have to take your phone out to create a card.


When you say “take a note,” you’ll have the option of creating a Trello card. It’s as simple as dictating a new card name and picking a list!

Never miss a due date again

Another Trello Wear feature is reminders for cards that are due soon. Before cards you’re assigned to are due, Trello will automagically remind you about the due date. You can even open the card on your phone from your watch!

Update to the latest version of Trello for Android today from the Google Play Store. Welcome to the future.

Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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