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Announcing Power-Ups For All!

By | Published on | 5 min read
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We are excited to announce that Power-Ups are now available to all 16 million Trello users! Starting today, one Power-Up can be enabled on any board. (Trello Gold and Business Class users get even more Power-Up awesomeness.)

That’s right: we’re talking Slack, Evernote, GitHub, Google Drive, Dropbox and all the other apps you rely on to keep your business moving forward. These tools can now be integrated right into your team’s Trello workflow.  

On top of that:

At this moment you are probably bursting at the seams with excitement, so let’s dig into the details.

What is a Power-Up, Anyway?

What are Trello Power-Ups?

For those of you that are like “Power-wha? Power-huh?” think of it this way: Power-Ups are essentially the way to bring additional features and integrate your favorite apps right into Trello.  Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications. Through adaptable features and integrations, Power-Ups help teams use Trello to meet their unique business needs.  

One size fits all software solutions of yesterday don’t meet the needs of modern teams. Nowadays teams accomplish their goals by building their perfect toolbox of various connected apps. Power-Ups bring those tools right into your Trello boards, giving access to the information you need without having to leave Trello.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Trello Power-Ups Menu

Now all Trello teams can utilize every Power-Up offered, bringing next-level productivity to your Trello boards.  With the launch of Power-Ups For All, every board associated with your Trello team can enable one Power-Up for free.

This means the Sales Department can bring leads from Salesforce and track their pipeline in Trello. Developers and Product Managers can attach commits and pull requests from GitHub to their sprint boards, and track tickets in Zendesk. Marketing can organize blog post drafts and images right in their content calendar with Google Drive, and more.

While free users are now able to enable one Power-Up per board, Business Class and Enterprise teams can still enable an unlimited amount of Power-Ups on team boards.

Upgrade To Enterprise

Don’t have a team? It’s easy to create one. Once you have all your Trello boards and members under one roof you’ll wonder why you waited until now to create one.  If you are a team of just one, don’t worry about it - we’ll let you put the “I” in team.

Customize Your Cards

New Trello Power-Ups: Custom Fields

In addition to the existing treasure trove, there are also a handful of new Power-Ups. The first one up is Custom Fields.

Many users requested a more structured way to add data and information to a card’s description, so we’ve created Custom Fields to solve that problem. With Custom Fields enabled, teams can create additional input fields for cards added to that board.

These fields can include text, numbers, dates, a checkbox, or a drop down list. You can also display these fields on the front of a card as a card badge to get that information just by glancing at your Trello board.

Custom Fields Power-Up Features

There’s an infinite number of ways Custom Fields can be used. Check out some great team specific use cases and a deeper dive here.

Repeat After Me, Automation FTW

New Trello Power-Ups: Card Repeater

Let’s face it, even the most awesome apps still have small amounts of drudgery. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should waste productive hours on tasks that can simply be automated. That’s why we’ve developed the Card Repeater Power-Up, which we are releasing in a public beta today.  Team admins can request access to the public beta here.

With Card Repeater, automatically create copies of Trello cards at set intervals for repeating tasks.  Simply enable Repeat on a card, set the time and interval, as well as the list you’d like copies of the card to be created on, and voila, cards are automagically created!

Repeated cards will include members, descriptions, checklists, etc. from the parent card, saving you even more time.  

Card Repeater Power-Up: Features

This workflow is perfect for anyone that has a recurring task every week, month, or quarter, for example. Tasks like monthly expense reports, quarterly data metrics, or even weekly meeting agenda cards can be set to automatically add at the designated time. One less thing to remember!

To enter the beta program and give Card Repeater a try, click here.

Three’s Company

Trello’s productivity suite just got a little bigger with three new Power-Ups: Intercom, Screenful, and support for GitHub Enterprise.

Screenful: Trello Power-Ups

The Screenful Power-Up allows you to view burndown charts of your Trello boards.


For anyone that applies Agile and Scrum workflows to their process, the Screenful Power-Up is the dashboard of your dreams. View the Screenful dashboard right from your Trello board. It displays Burndown Charts, Cumulative Flow Diagrams, and an overview of how on track teams are with their sprints.  With Screenful you can create sprints and releases, track your lead and cycle times, and more.


The Intercom Power-Up helps your Product, Engineering, and Customer Success teams add context to the feature requests and issues they’re tracking in Trello. Quickly find and attach conversations, users, and companies from Intercom directly to cards for easy reference. Trello surfaces key details from Intercom attachments such as when a conversation was created, company data, contact information, and more.

“Our “Bugs” Trello board is where we track, research, and prioritize any bugs that we or our customers notice,” says Josh Pigford, Founder at Baremetrics.  “With the Intercom Power-Up we're able to link Intercom conversations with their associated bugs, which gives engineers quick access to relevant customer information and helps our customer success team properly follow up with any affected accounts. It's a fantastic combination.” 

GitHub Enterprise

Finally, the GitHub Power-Up now includes support for GitHub Enterprise. Companies that use GitHub Enterprise can connect their self-hosted GitHub instance to Trello and utilize all of the features the GitHub Power-Up has to offer.

There are also a ton of new Power-Ups in the pipeline that will integrate even more of your essential apps and services into your Trello workflow.  We also encourage everyone to build their own custom Power-Ups on our open development platform. Learn more here.


Good or bad, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello)!

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