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Freshen Up Your Trello Workflows With These 7 Features

By | Published on | 5 min read
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Someone smart once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your Trello workflows or those of your team? Are they set up properly to allow everyone to work together efficiently and with more ease?

It may be high time to change up your routine in Trello.  

To help you in this process, we have launched several new features to help you save time, get better context and perspective on tasks and projects, and, overall, get more done. The best workflows are built by process, but the best processes are the ones that stay flexible for improvements along the way. Let’s dive in to some of this year’s hottest new Trello features—we can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

Get Everyone On The Same Page With The 'About This Board' Feature

Trello boards can be used for anything. You might have a roadmap that explains the features your team is planning to build, or an employee onboarding manual for how things work at an organization. You might even have one for an upcoming trip or for planning your wedding!

Regardless of the use case, especially when working with others, it’s super useful to explain the purpose of the board and how it might be used. With the “About This Board” feature, you can fill in all the necessary details, including the "who" behind the board, what it’s all about, and the best way to engage with the workflow.

about this board feature

“About This Board” is now available on all Trello boards and it consists of three main sections:

  • Made By: This indicates the creator(s) of a given board. These are the board admins and this section includes any profile information a person has in their Trello profile.
  • Description: This is the real meat of the "About This Board" feature. Descriptions are great for giving context about a board, it’s purpose, and how it should be used.
  • Actions: This section lets you know what visitors can do on your board, things like commenting and voting.

Discover more capabilities of "About This Board" here.

Never Miss A Deadline With Custom Due Date Notifications

Due dates are one of the most widely used features in Trello, but up until recently the notifications ability for due dates has been a bit limited.

In the past, there was only one option for when you’d get reminded of a cards impending due date, twenty-four hours before a card is due.  You said this wasn’t granular enough and we heard you—now you’ve got a plethora of customization options ranging from an “At Time of Due Date option” to “2 Days Before.”


In addition, you’ll have eight different options to choose from when selecting when to receive a notification—perfect for all types of deadlines from client meetings to travel planning.

Now that due dates are customizable to your needs, you can always stay ahead and on time of tasks and projects. Learn more about Custom Due Date Notifications here.

Get Lost Then Found With The Map Power-Up

We first introduced the Map Power-Up for mobile and as promised, we’re psyched to bring it to you on the Trello web app!

The Map Power-Up allows you to add locations to your cards and get a bird's-eye view of them on a map.

Map-On-Web (1)

Explore the world (or just your neighborhood!) with Trello as your trusty copilot. Whether you’re planning a conference with different localized events, your next vacation, or anything in between, the Map Power-Up for Trello is here to help you reach your desired destination.

Learn more about the Trello Map Power-Up here.

Mirror, Mirror On The Trello Card

One of our most requested features is the ability to sync or “mirror” Trello cards.


Many people have the same card or similar cards across multiple Trello boards that they work with, and it can be a pain to keep them all consistent. We’re pleased to report that one of our Power-Up partners has created the ability to mirror Trello cards!


The situations where card mirroring can be useful are truly endless but a few ideas where we think it may help are:

  • Legal and sales teams working together on terms of a deal
  • Product and customer success teams syncing on customer feedback
  • A consultant working with external clients

Learn more about the Mirror By Unito Power-Up and how to enable it here. (Note: This is a paid feature.)

Keep Your Boards Clutter Free With The List Limits Power-Up

Keep yourself (and your team) accountable with the new List Limits Power-Up!

Built by the Trello team, this Power-Up can be enabled for free and allows you to set a specific number of cards that can be added to the lists on your Trello board. If the number of cards on that list exceeds your designated limit, we’ll alert you by highlighting the entire list.


This can be useful for improving personal productivity (by limiting the number of tasks you’re working on at a given time) and for agile sprints. It can also be beneficial for managers that are looking for better insight into the number of tasks employees are working on. Learn more about the List Limit Power-Up here.

Tap Into Your Inner Goldilocks With The Card Size Power-Up

Card Size by Screenful is a brand new and free Power-Up that allows you to set weights (e.g. hours or story points) for your cards to estimate how much work each card requires. You can even see the estimate directly on the card front.


This Power-Up is great for any type of project management, group brainstorming, or consulting work to help estimate how much effort or time a project or component of a project may take. Learn more and enable this Power-Up here.

Easily Respond to Push Notifications On Mobile With Emoji Reactions

Saving you time and energy, now you can react directly from push notifications on your Android and iOS devices! No more needing to navigate into the Trello app, you can react right from your notification screen. What’s that saying again? Work smarter, not harder. 😎🙌


Fine-Tune And Stay Flexible With Your Trello Workflows

It’s easy to get bogged down your task lists and to just work on autopilot. But it’s important to take a step back from your processes and workflows to analyze what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved (especially if you’re hearing the phrase,“But that’s how we’ve always done it,” far too often in team meetings).

Our workflows are a work in progress, but a dose of inspiration through these features will hopefully invigorate you and your team to spice up your processes.

Good or bad, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello) or write in to support@trello.com.

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