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Trellotines - 'Cause A Dozen Roses Don't Come For Free

Share Your Collaborative Desires And Let Trello Be Your Cardsanova This Valentine’s Day.


It’s that magical time of year when organization is in the air and collaborators young and old get knots in their stomachs, working up the courage to ask their board crushes to turn those list affairs into a more serious project. It’s hard enough picking the perfect place for that first date, let alone asking someone out like you’re some smooth collaborator, so we’ve made kicking off your collaborative courtship a little easier this year with Trellotines.


Click on this image to go to the board.

Here’s how it works: remember in second grade when you would scribble your name on some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or Barbie themed Valentine’s card and leave it on the desk of your playground love? It’s like that, but with a Trello twist.

First, copy our Trellotines board over to your account. Pick a Trellotine to move over to one of your boards and spread the puppy love by adding yourself and the apple of your eye to the card. Step back and watch the sparks fly! Of course, if PDA is more your thing, make that board team visible and add all of your heartthrobs to cards. Pretty soon your new office nickname will be Romeo. (Or as Taco would say, Roomeo.)

So get out there and show ‘em how you feel, because Trellotines only happen once a year, but love will last a lifetime.