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The Ultimate Trello Holiday Planning Roundup

By | Published on | 3 min read
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It happens every year. You’re driving to the store, reflecting on the fun Halloween party you went to last night. Wow, that Stranger Things demogorgon was out of this world, you chuckle to yourself.

Then suddenly you see something that stops you in your tracks. You immediately stop laughing as you slam on the brakes. Eyes wide, you blink to make sure you’re not dreaming. There it is: a neighbor’s house decked out in Christmas decorations... on the day after Halloween.

Yes, it’s that time. Already. Luckily Trello is here to help.

Maybe you volunteered to host family at your house, or you were elected to plan the holiday office party. Whatever your situation, you have Trello to organize and plan it all without a hitch. Here’s a roundup of posts that will help you triumph this holiday season:

Avoid Long Lines And Get Ahead Of Holiday Shopping

Power through holiday shopping

This will finally be the year that you don’t wait until the final hour to buy presents for your family and friends. Unlike Santa, you have Trello at your fingertips to purchase those gifts and wrap them up well before you hand them out. Discover how to build a board that will keep you on top of your gift giving responsibilities. (Come to think of it... we should take a trip to the North Pole and share the magic of Trello with the Clauses. They would totally be Trello power users.)

Read the blog post here.

Master Your Tour Guide Skills with Trello

Entertaining Guests For The Holidays

The more the merrier, right? When the family comes into town, especially the in-laws, the pressure starts to build. Thanks to the Holiday Hero Board, you can put on your tour guide hat and organize every detail and activity for your out-of-town guests. The best part is that you can add your guests to the board so they can help orchestrate the plans. This way you can go back to finally mastering how to fry a Thanksgiving turkey.

Read the blog post here.

Tackle Your To-Do List With These Holiday Hacks


Does it feel like the little drummer boy is banging around inside your head as your to-do list grows longer and longer?

‘Tis the season for high stress levels. With a little effort and a lot of organization, you’ll become a productive superhuman that eats to-do lists for breakfast. From cleaning the house to sending out the holiday cards, these Trello boards and tips will get you in organizing shape just in time for the holidays.

Read the blog post here.

Plan The Perfect Office Holiday Party


If you’re the one that plays holiday music right when Thanksgiving is over (or even before), then you most likely were elected to the “Fun Committee” at work to plan the Office Holiday Party. There’s no doubt it’s a festive time, but as lead of the party planning, you’re going to field a lot of questions. What’s the price limit for Secret Santa? How many desserts do we have for the potluck? How many Mariah Carey holiday mixes are too many? What time is Santa coming?

Instead of running out of the office and heading straight to the North Pole to seek shelter, you can create a Trello board so you can organize everything from the guest list to the playlist with your whole team.

Read the blog post here.

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