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Share And Sync Trello Cards With Unito’s New Mirror Power-Up

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mirror power-up by Unito

Communication should be about simplification. ✅

It should be about getting everyone on the same page with the right information in the right place. When a project involves multiple teams or a lot of stakeholders, people sometimes overshare to make sure their message gets across. But you shouldn’t have to resort to lengthy email chains, multiple chat channels or, if you’re a Trello user, jumping from Trello board to Trello board updating cards, just to make sure everyone stays informed.

Now you can save time, keep your communication clear, and curb office oversharing with Unito’s new Mirror Power-Up for Trello.

In just a few clicks, Mirror lets you sync specific cards (and even specific aspects of cards) between boards so you’re only sharing the information that matters to the people that matter. Plus, it’s a two-way sync, so any information updated on the card is applied to all synced boards—meaning you never have to leave the comfort of your own board.

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Sync The Trello Cards (And Communication) That Matter

What does this look like in practice?

Imagine you work on a remote team with people in three different cities and you’re in charge of planning your annual kick-off. Everyone needs to be kept updated on the event, and be able to provide input at various stages. That’s a lot of eyeballs and a lot of info. How do you manage it?

Basically, you have three options.

  1. You can manually duplicate your cards onto the boards of each team at the company. Of course, you then have to keep track of all of these duplicates to ensure they’re all up-to-date across these boards. Sounds like a lot of busy work!

  2. You can share your project board with the entire company so there’s a single source of truth, saving you the trouble of having to manually update anything. But when you are working with such a large and varied group of people, you could be providing your coworkers with tons of information that they, frankly, don’t care about—like that inevitable debate over the color of the napkins. Requiring people to sort through a bunch of irrelevant info to find what they need—not an ideal situation.

  3. With the new Mirror Power-Up, you can sync individual cards to each departmental board simultaneously, to source each team’s availability, check for allergies and dietary restrictions, and dole out tasks to those involved in event planning and setup. You can easily make sure the right people quickly and easily see the right information without interrupting their Trello flow.


Whether you’re planning an event, tackling customer service issues, launching a new product, or working on any other complex project, if you need to share specific information with multiple team members on Trello, Mirror will save everyone involved in projects a ton of time and effort. 

How To Install The Mirror Power-Up for Trello

To install Unito’s Mirror Power-Up, enable and authorize the Power-Up on the origin board within Trello.


While it's not required for the Power-Up to function, you can also enable and authorize it on the destination boards. Doing so simply allows users of the destination board to see the back of the card info. 


Then choose the information you want to mirror—either the entire card, or the specific fields that are relevant to your audience.


Finally, choose the destination board and list. And you’re done like dinner!


Automatic two-way sync. Catered information delivery. Workplace collaboration and transparency. Just another day in the life of an amazing project manager, right?

Explore Unito’s Mirror Power-Up with a free 14-day trial. Pricing packages for mirror cards are billed on a monthly basis.

Install The Mirror Power-Up

Good or bad, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Find us on Twitter (@trello) or write in to support@trello.com.

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