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Using Multiple Trello Boards for a Super-Flexible Workflow

Trello can adapt to just about any workflow. You’re probably already using a workflow with a single board. Make any number of lists, and move cards from one list to another to show progress or movement. Simple enough.

Single Trello Board Workflow

Using multiple Trello boards, you can map out a larger workflow. For example, let’s say you have a shared “Product Development” board with a list called “Ideas.” As people add their ideas to the list, it might get so long that it’s difficult to understand at a glance.

How To Plan Out Your Trello Boards

You can make a new “Product Ideas” board with lists named “New Ideas,” “Under Review,” and “Approved.” Now you have a separate workflow for your product ideas and you can instantly distinguish the ones that have been approved from the ones that have just been added. Moving cards from the “Product Ideas” board to the “Product Development” board is easy. Just click the “Move” button on the back of the card.

How to move cards between Trello boards

Our friends at UserVoice took this to the next level by separating their workflow into several boards that feed into a single “Current Development” board:


Image Source: How we use Trello & Google Docs to make UserVoice better every day.

Moving Cards Between Trello Boards

Moving cards between Trello boards is easy, and won't disrupt your work. Here are all the things you can count on when moving cards around:

  • Label colors: When you move a card from one board to another, it will keep its label color. Just to be careful, if the label names are different on your boards, it copies the colors, not the names.
  • Card covers now stick. You used to lose card covers when moving a card between boards. Not anymore! You also keep card covers when copying an entire board.
  • Notice about member removal. This is mostly the same as before. When you move a card from one board to another, any card members who are not members of the destination board will be removed. We now make a note in the activity of the card to tell you who was removed. Pro tip: If you want to retain members when moving cards, add those members to the destination board before you move the card.
  • You can also Copy instead of Move. If you want to have the same card visible on multiple boards, you can choose to copy the card over instead. In this scenario, you might move the card to a "Done" or "Moved" on the first board, and then copy it into the next board's workflow. With copying, you can choose to keep or discard labels, attachments, comments and members. 

More Trello Workflow Tips

Cards aren’t the only thing you can move between boards. Check out these articles on our help site for more ways to help Trello fit your workflow:

Keep an eye on the Trello Development Roadmap to see what other new features we have coming up.

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