Using Trello Like A Pro: Part 2

Previously on “Using Trello like a Pro,” we talked about some of the under-the-surface features that make using Trello super fast. We didn't even come close to exhausting all the cool stuff you can do and since we’ve added a bunch more, we decided to continue the series. This is our second installment. Also check out the later installment Using Trello like a Pro: Part 3.

New And Expanded Keyboard Shortcuts

This handy infographic lays out all the keyboard shortcuts available in Trello.

We’ve added the “t” shortcut to edit the card title and the “e” shortcut to edit the card description. Neat, but a cooler thing is that you can hover over a card, press either one, and the card will open up then begin editing the chosen field. This makes changing the title or description one quick key press instead of a mouse hunt.

Edit Shortcut

Another trick we added: when composing a card, you can hold down “shift” and press “enter” to create and open a card immediately. This is much nicer than hitting enter, closing the composer, and clicking the card to open it.

We've also added the “j” and “k” shortcuts to select the card above or below the current card. They do the same thing as the up and down arrows; they just fit more people’s expectations. Press “enter” with a card selected to open it. Here’s an old but relevant trick: you can press “n” while hovering over any card to open the card composer right below the selected card.

As always, you can hit “escape” to close and cancel any editable fields, pop-over menus, or dialog windows that are open. You should be using that a lot. And another small change: we’ve switched the change members shortcut from “a” to “m”, because “m” for members seems easier to remember, don’t you think? “a” will continue to work for a while, but we plan to remove it. Here's the complete list of shortcuts. Press “?” to bring them up at any time.

Shortcuts Pane

Create Multiple Cards And Checklist Items In One Click

Adding multiple cards or checklist items can be a pain. If you’re coming from a spreadsheet or word document with a list of items, there’s an elaborate song and dance you’ve got to do to turn them into Trello cards. Select Text, copy, switch apps, paste, enter, switch apps, select text, copy… Ugh.

Well, that problem is no more! Now when you want to create multiple cards or checklist items at once, you can copy a spreadsheet column or list separated by new lines from a word processor, paste into the card composer or add checklist item field, and hit submit. It will create a new card or checklist item for each line in the list. This won’t interfere with the quick and easy press-enter-to-create-a-card method; it will only work when pasting text. It’s a little time-saver that’s there when you need it.

Multi-card submit

Trello Checklist Updates

It turns out people use checklists quite a bit, so we added a few things to make them more flexible. First, you can now reorder checklists. Just click and drag them. You can also drag checklist items between checklists in case you want to move all your items over to your co-worker Aaron’s checklist, for example. Checklists now initially appear in the order you created them, instead of alphabetically, an order which we admit never made any sense.

That’s it. I hope you like all the new stuff and that you learned a thing or two. Let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

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